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I'm going to try not to make this too long, not looking for advice, as there isn't a whole lot that can be done, just empathy, understanding... Last August I ended my first long term relationship (3 yrs) the guy started out well enough, but as time went on, he began to show his real side, and that he was a really troubled, conniving person. He abused drugs and alcohol and stole from me and others, and he was also a pathological liar. Today is just one more piece in the puzzle. I just moved into a place of my own for the first time (previously had been living with room-mates) I called the local phone co. to have a line set up, and was informed that I was owing just shy of $200.00 (kind of a lot of money for me, especially as I am trying to buy a computer before starting college in Jan) I was completely confused, and then remembered that he had told me that since I took care of the last cable bills (this was before moving to a new apt.) he would take care of the last phone bills. Of course he didn't. it's just one more lie that I uncovered from him. My credit is so bad because of this guy, because I trusted him to pay the bills he was supposed to (they were all under my name) If I ever suspected anything, he would give me this huge guilt trip, threaten to leave, etc...So anyways, now I'm just left feeling a bit despondent, and wondering if I am ever going to truly be able to start with a clean slate (financially and emotionally) I wanted to be able to get a computer, and some things for my new place, but now I have to wait, yet again, and deal with yet another collection agency

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I had a roommate in college. I was pretty naive then. When rent was due, I would give him half of the rent in cash, as he said he would be going down a paying for it, even though the apartment was under my name only. I came back from class one day to find an eviction notice on my door. I was furious and called up the managment company and chewed them a new one. The next day, my roommate said he was going home to visit family. He packed up his car and left. He ended up using my gas card all the way home (cross country). I found a stack of mail in his closet... my mail.


I ended up owing the management company $1800 in back rent, They were nice enough to be understanding and waive the late fees. The credit card company also waived everything after they noticed that I hadn't used the card in 2 years, except for this mysterious cross country trip.


In all, it cost me $2,700... the rent I had given him and the money I owed to the management company. Not a happy thing at all.


In an earlier incident, another roommate stiffed me with a $400 phone bill. Roommates suck. I won't even tell you how much some of my past relationships have cost... I might throw up

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Yeah I know what you mean. It makes me sick to think of how naive I was. The worst part is that he was sooo good at covering everything up, that I didn't know anything was wrong until I had a pissed off landlord at my door. I have moved quite a few times because of that guy. You're really lucky that you got some fees and charges waived. REALLY lucky. My Dad is awaiting a credit report to see if he has been charged some $5500 for back rent for a place that he co-signed with us. The worst part is feeling utterly taken advantage of, and losing the trust of my Dad and Stepmom. I checked my bank account after I finished my rant, and happily I had more than I thought in there, and tomorrow is payday as well, so I'm just going to get it paid off tomorrow. Hard to save up for College when stuff like this resurfaces. It just really makes me shudder to think of what I put up with, and what I went through with that idiot. But hey, it makes you learn about the real world in a hurry, and helps you to stand on your own two feet, which is always a perk

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That must be really hard, your story kind of reminded me of something that happened to me once but it's a bit different.

I had a best friend for about 9 years and we had given each other things, had photos of each other (sometimes together) and all sorts of stuff.

Last year we had a falling out and when we tried to patch things up it didn't feel right and because we were both going to different schools the next year we both decided it was best to just have NC.

Then just lately after thinking I had thrown away everything that reminded me of her I found a album filled with photos of us, now I'm unsure of what to do with them because I feel as though if I hold onto them it will make me want to grow close to her again yet I know I can't.

So yeah even though my story is different I know how you feel about the whole clean slate thing, all I can say is, we've all gotta deal with these things in our own way, sooner or later it will all vanish and be done with, hopefully.

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