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He told me 'i LOVE YOU!!' now I have not heard from him.. :o(

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I don't know what is going on the guy I adore said he loved me last thursday(I said the same back),he is on a vaction far from me right now but I still have not heard one single word from him since ...I am afraid.

a couple of friends of mine told me not to worry...but I am,I can't help it.

I have been thinking about him everyday and sometimes crying myself to sleep...

wondering...what is going on.Did he just forget about me???






I am so sick over this..

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Honestly, I'm sort of worried about this guy. You seem to have been getting along well lately, but he seems a little suspicious.


Has he broken up with his girlfriend yet?


And he told you not to analyze his actions towards you. So, to me that is saying that he doesn't want to lead you on because he doesn't want you to expect anything to become of both of you..


And now you haven't heard from him in almost a week?

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yes that is why I am confused..

he is no longer with the other girl.

he and I are amazing friends and I don't know why he would risk our friendship like this... if he didn't mean what he said.

I love him with all my heart and I swear I felt it from him..just don't know why he is acting like this.


Isn't "I love you" a big lead on? hmmmmm

I am perplexed more than ever.

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I am unsure actually.Confused..(join the club) for me that word is a understatement..

We were laying in his bed he was holding me and hugging me then he said very softly "i love you" I know for me i do not say that to just a friend ..especially a guy friend.


check ot the other posting for a little more detail and tell me what u think it is.just skip down past the other links and to see what happened between him & I.


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It sounds as if you know him pretty well...if you feel in your heart/gut that he meant it as a gf/bf thing...then I wouldn't worry 2 much about it. He's likely busy on vacation...and ..I'm sure he will contact you when he returns home.


Although my bf and I have not exchanged those words...whenever he does emotionally open up...he pulls back from the relationship for a couple of days.


Perhaps this is what your bf is doing. Good luck!

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Like the others have said, try not to think too much about it now, of course it's hard not to! It will only drive you crazy though. There's no way to say why he's not calling, but I'm sure he will have a good excuse when he gets home.


Keep us updated with how it goes!

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