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someone hurt a friend


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and i wanted to just squeeze his neck

make him pay for it

he had no right

he had no reason

he deserves to die for it

he doesnt get to fight for it

its murder season

piggies hangin from the cieling

why'd he have to treat her that way

her life has no value to him

well his has none to me

my patience is wearing thin

im gonna make him see

silver on flesh

now red on razor

your dead to me and soon to the world


uhhh.....*phoney explanation here* yeah i dont like when people hurt my friends.



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Hi dpressedone89. I liked your poem. Hmmm....-Wild guess from someone with a good memory: Your poem would not happen to be about this guy would it? :



I'm glad you are getting your feelings out. I just hope that you don't put those thoughts into action. Don't do anything to get yourself into trouble.


Keep writing,



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