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how to break the ice


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alright, i have a very close friend who ive liked ever scicne we met, but i have hooked up with other girls and dated them, but she is alwasy in my mind, and weve talked about it breilfy, but i want to be her first kiss SOOOOOO badly, i wanna make it perfect, but she doesnt want to "hurt our friendship" plus she is always busy, any advice??

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Don't rush her, but maybe try passively pursuing her? I don't know, let her know you're still into her without pressuring her. For instance, compliment her or bring her little things to brighten up her day. If she's initially receptive, then keep it up; if not, stick with friendship and focus on making her happy, but just as a friend. Tough situation...

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being busy, not wanting to hurt the friendship are common excuses - they mean "I'm not interested in you physically". Since you can't have her, and she's harming your chances with other people (because you keep going back for her), I would just cut contact to her. Then you'll get over the crush and can start really liking other girls again.

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