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For crying out loud! wat do u do when a guy is making you go crazy!

He just makes me want to run into a brick wall!!!!!!!!


wHY iS hE sO gOD dAMNED sexy!!!!!!!


*ahem* Let me explain myself.... I met one of my brothers friends in new year (yes I have fancied him for a very long time) and he is absolutly amazing, I havent been able to get my mind off of him since. And everytime I do, he swagers up to me with that little grin hugs me, calls me his little princess, tells me that one day him and my brother will be brother in law etc etc, making me fall for him for anouther couple of months.


Ive been trying to get my mind off him for ages, but I cant.... ive even had other relationships... but my boyfriends have never been anything like him (although nice blokes)


Because of my 2 brothers ive always been quite cold about my emotions... not really revealing how I feel because I think people wiill laugh at me. This is quite hard because I just cant figure out how to ask this guy if he would like to meet up outside our social circle.... and I couldent handle the rejection if he said no.

Also alot of people have been asking me out recently since ive just come out of a relationship.... however they may be all great blokes but I cant.... and I cant tell them why... but the simple fact is that im absolutly crazy about this other bloke! I dont even want a relationship.... my last one dragged me down mentaly and all I want is to get my party spirits back and have a brilliant time.


I feel kind of .... odd.... that ive had this crush for so long..... is that normal? Im not "oooo this is love!" kinda person... im pretty sure its just lust.... but oh well!


Dont really think I wanted much advic about this I just need to get it off my chest.... Is this bloke just being a tease?


How do I deal with someone like that.... It doesnt make things better that I did sleep with him the other day. Its kinda getting me down really... he has the gift of the gab, and I really dont know what he really wants. I just hope that because of his friendship with my brother he's not going to play me like a fool.... but I cant help being a fool with him


Hes just so damn sexy


I think I need help lol



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Uhh, I was going to say that next time he says something about your future marriage prospects, you should say something suggestive, like "Well, you'll have to ask me out first!"


...But then you discreetly slipped in that you had slept with him.

From the rest of the post, I had gotten the impression that he was just someone that came around every once in a while and teased you and left you weak in the knees, but uh...the whole sleeping with him thing changes everything.


It will probably be a lot harder than suggesting he ask you out, now, to make anything happen relationship-wise. That's generally not the smartest thing to do when you want a guy to turn into something more than a friend with benefits or a fling.


Others can probably give you better advice about how to handle the situation from here though.

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Well, I think I see absolutely no problem with what you are saying, the guy has obviously done the right thing if he has you missing him


That's a very good gift to give to women, the gift of missing the guy...as much as you hate not seeing him, how good is it when you finally do see him? it's great isn't it!


so don't worry about it, you're being perfectly normal,...everyone does this, lol...ask any woman on here that has been or is in a very serious relationship or even any relationship, and I bet you that they can all tell you, that whenever they werent with thier boyfriends or the one they liked, it drove them nuts!

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It's absolutely normal to have a crush that long (it's really sweet actually). Hey, I've had one last over 3 years (a crazy period in my life too), and this figure is by no means impressive when you compare it to (some) others!


You can't really find out what he wants unless you're straight about it. Hopefully he's sensitive, sweet - the works - so that he's got the decency to not string you along (in a perfect world, but sometimes this world can be slightly perfect). It's difficult to not succumb (i.e. sleep with him!), but stand firm until you get what you want! Be clear and don't misled him into thinking that you're available for that kind of stuff without any commitment!

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