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A problem with talking to girls


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Hi everyone, I really need advice, it would help if women would reply to this thread. I am going to be honest about my age, because I feel it will help you know who I am. I am currently 14 and in middle school, and I really have trouble talking with girls. Mainly because I don't think i'm physically attractive at all, and i'm worried that girls will be grossed out if I started talking to them and considering them good friends... any advice or opinions?

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Why should you worry about your looks?Most girls wouldnt be grossed out if you talked to them have you tried to?


I have never actually walked up to a girl and started conversation, most girls that I know have been introduced to me in classrooms, or my male friends introducing me to them.

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You're a normal guy then, every guy is like that at your age...it's natural, don't stress over it, and ....well, you really shouldnt be worried about girls at your age anyway....but your choice.


When talking to women, when approaching them, it's not hard...a simple "hi" is all you need...I'm serious!

That's all you need to do is just say "hi"..and if you really want to go that extra length, say "hi, how are you".


It's how I started, and now I'm able to have great conversations depending on the woman (some women just rely on the guy to keep conversation going, and that annoys the hell out of me!).


I still use "hey, how are you?" all the time, everytime I meet a woman, that's what I say, and it generally gets a conversation going, although, I am no pro at conversation....well, the topics in conversation to discuss anyway, but the more you practise, the better you get, and women will see that confidence, like an aura of light around you, and will instantly want to be around you..i'm serious, it's like flies to those blue lights or whatever you call them that attracts flies (no women are not related to flies, and men are not those blue attractive lights).


Just...simple things...stop worrying about things that will make you look stupid, and concentrate on what you are good at, and how simply taking the first step towards one of those girls to talk to them, is progress..and with every step, you are progressing, every step is important, and it will get easier and easier every time, I'm not saying to take one step a day kindof thing, but...you will feel nervous the first time you approach a woman, but the more you do it, the better you'll get and the more confident you'll feel.


So start practising now, and you'll be a stud by the time you're my age, lol.

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