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I am trying to decide on whether or not to get a tummy tuck. Anyone here ever have one or personally know someone who has?


I'm a pretty tiny boned gal and when I was in my abusive marriage I put on a lot of weight and have lost most of it and now I am left with this gross wrinkly pouch of skin. It just seems so gross to me. I have this scar that runs along from almost hip bone to hip bone above my pubic bone and I am thinking that is why that part of my stomach never bounced back.


It also seems like when I gain even just a few pounds that is where it goes and I looked bloated or something.


I think there is a substantial recovery time. I remember when I had that surgery there(medically necessary) I was quite sore for weeks.


I am also pretty sure without the pouch I'd wear about 2 sizes smaller in pants as my hips are slim but that fat gut thing makes me wear a larger size. gross. I'll never have any more kids so that isn't a factor either.


So what do you think? I have the money and good insurance.

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I think plastic surgery should be a last alternative,


Because it will leave scars on you,


That you may not want,


Have you tried cutting down fat and carbs in your diet,


I just lost 40lbs so I had the pooch you were talking about,


But I cut down salt in my diet to prevent bloating,


And starting eating less fat/carbs, and it has helped greatly,


I definitely thought about liposuction,


But I think surgery is a matter that should be contemplated carefully,


If you do choose to do it,


Go with a high-end pricier doctor,


You get what you pay for.



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Thanks for your reply.


This isn't fat. This is loose skin from 2 previous pregnancies and gaining and losing a large amount of weight. No amount of dieting or exercising will ever make it go away.


I already have a scar where they would have to make an incision from another surgery


Here is sort of what it looks like. Yucky wrinkly mess.


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Oh I see what you mean Sarah Rose,


If it's loose skin, then I would go for it,


If it would make you really happy,


Please do check your doctor first,


And make sure they don't have many medical malpractice lawsuits,


Check in your state, by going to the "your state" medical boards on google,


And check your specific doctor,


Good luck,



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I am having a tummy tuck and a breast lift as soon as I loose just a little bit more weight, I know all about the loose pudge you are talking about and you are right it's not fat, it's just extra skin hanging there.


A tummy tuck is not the same as lypo, it's not for fat people it's for people with extra skin because they lost the weight (like you did) I would talk to a doctor and make sure you aren't at high risk because of the scar tissue you already have in the abdomen, but I think if you feel like you will look better after the tuck and it's safe then there is no shame in going for it.

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I know a couple people whom have had it done, for the same reasons. The recovery definitely was unpleasant for them, and while both said they would "not recommend it" because of the recovery they are pleased for most part with results (so, I guess in other words, mixed reviews). It's important to remember though that you still have to maintain a healthy lifestyle as it can come back!


My mother also had a version of one done as part of her double mastectomy, as they took tissue from her stomach to reconstruct her breasts. She did request them to NOT take muscle though and so they only took fatty tissue and skin. Even so, she had to wear the elastic corset for a couple months, and it took her a couple weeks to be able to stand straight again as the tissue stretched enough to do so. However, in tummy tucks they often may also cut muscle tissue, which can lead to longer and more painful recoveries.


It sounds like you may be a good candidate though as you have lost weight, and it's the excess skin that is left, and is not going away (your elasticity may have decreased in the area which is why it sticks around!).

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