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So me and my gf of a year have been fighting alot. Today it got bad. We were supposed to hang out but she texted me to say she was gonna go eat with her family.. So i said ok cool, text me later. She texted me after saying her parents were going to some show and she didnt want to go and she would come see me. But I told her I wasnt doing much and she should probably go to the concert. She ended up going and I got mad. I just feel like she only comes here when she has nothing better to do.. was i wrong

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I don't believe you wrong, but I don't believe you're right either. If you believe that she only tags a long with you when she has nothing better to do, tell her. After all, the number one thing in any relationsip is communication. If you don't have that, you don't have much.


Tell her how you feel about it, and ask her why it seems like that. Though I can understand why you would be upset if she does in fact only tag a long when she has nothing better to do, you have to remember she has other principles, responsibilities, and priorities in her life.

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This is called passive-aggressive behavior. You act cool about it in the moment and then get mad about it afterwards. It only causes miscommunication and hurt feelings in the end.


If you feel like your gf is not treating you with enough respect, you need to handle it very direct and on the spot. If she wants to change plans and you think she is putting you in the backseat, you gott address it on the spot.


Did she disrespect you by changing plans to eat with her parents??? Too tough to tell without more info. What kind of dinner was it, formal? Is dinner with her family a big deal? Is her family a big deal? How did she tell you about it, was she very nonchalant, like she didn't care what your reaction was goinng to be? It depends on a lot of things.


Dinner with the family usually would be an ok excuse in my book, but not if she keeps ditching you in a certain way over and over again.

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