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How to get over an ex by sexing someone else??

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The best way to get over an ex would be stop contact correct. ..........I have this problem my ex works out at the same gym as me and makes it a point to flirt with other women. We broke up, but we were still haveing sex then. He got jelious one day and he refuses to do that anymore. so. I've heard many idea's on how to get over ex's Such as haveing sex with another person. Going on dates or hanging out with friends. Another problem is I don't have many friends so thats a no go. To the part of haveing sex with someone else I having trouble even thinking about it and I can't see myself doing that. I know my ex is F-ing other chicks.That makes me want to. So... Any other idea's on getting over an ex. AND does having sex with someone else even help????/

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Stop comparing yourself to your ex. You are both not together anymore, probably for a reason Simply because it makes him happy to sleep around doesn't mean you should sleep around if you don't want to.

Take time off to recover, it's not a competiton!

Read, work-out, take a bubble bath etc..

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