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Sex in Pool.

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A friend of mine just recently had sex in the pool with her boyfriend. She said it was the most amazing thing in the world. I know another friend of mine said it was horrible, and she never wants to do it again. She said it was hard to get in, and she didn't think they could use a condom. I was just wondering if I can get everyones opinion on how sex in the pool is. My boyfriend wanted to try it, but I wasn't too sure about it. I thought i'd get some advice first. Is it good/bad? Is it harder to get into? Can you use a condom, or will that not work? Is it hotter then normal sex?

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Ah...I'm with friend number 2.


Sure, there's a bit of a novelty, but it is harder to get it in as there's water all over the shop and it's...in the way


Not sure about the condom thing, but it might affect it. And I definitely don't think it's hotter than normal sex, although it's always fun to 'tick something off the list' he he.

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Just something to look into...


I've heard that it's easy to get an infection in pools/hot tubs. His penis can actually push the water up into your uterus and the bacteria will go right in with it. Just something I've heard, but it's worth looking into. The condom is also definitely an issue, especially if that's your only form of BC.


Otherwise, you can always do a lot of foreplay in the pool, and then just take things to the bedroom. You don't have to actually have sex in the pool for it to be hot. At least not in my opinion.

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I've done it in both a hot tub and a pool, and loved them both. The hot tub was better though maybe because I wasn't freezing, and there was somewhere to sit. As to the rumour about getting infections,I have heard that you can get infections from hot tubs due to the huge amount of chlorine, but then again i assume it would apply for a pool as well. But I think you should try it if you want, its quite the adventure in itself. I just think if you can get an infection from sex in a pool its the same as swimming in a pool you can get pink eye, warts, ect.

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The infection comes about because water can be pushed far back inside the vagina where it just sits there. The chlorine kills the good bacteria and infection can result. Great way to get yeast infections.


I agree about the water being there. But chlorine kills both good and bad bacteria, one or the other doesnt have resistances specific to cholorine. That's why they use chlorine, because it's good at killing all types of microbes.

The catch: Chlorine wont kill all the microbes, and more crucially, it'll dirastically alter the pH of your vagina/genitals. That'll encourage more infections than you can get directly from the water itself.

Once again, pool water /does/ have some microbes in it, chlorine wont kill all of it.

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