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Ticklish GF and making out

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Hi all! I found out to my embarrassment that my lovely lady is terribly ticklish, so much so she can barely take me kissing her neck! We got to the point where making out was an obvious thing, but as soon as I reached under her shirt it was impossible!


Any idea what I can do to ease this problem for both of us, as the way it is now it will soon become irritating I think as I've never come accross it before!


Thank you all so much! Doc

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Hey Doctor SmurF!!


I am terribly ticklish too when my husband found this out he made it his mission to tickle me to pieces, it was like you just have to tickle her till she passes a certain threshold and then she will be fine....Its all in her head. Maybe ease up a little next time you kiss, or don't be so shy! Just go for it!!



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