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what you stole is my gain !


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You stole the one thing

that i refused to give

don't worry my wounds are shallow

just like your soul that i washed it away


you found me here

caught up in the moment

will the rain come

watch my pain just wash away


i'll comprise

with or without your dispise

why does it continue to rain

as if everything's been washed away?


you stopped me

from running to the outer

will it be ok

after everything's been washed away?


the sirens inside my veins

watch the approaching armys

that stand so proud and tall

ready to be washed away


i will scrub and clean

until i am ridden of the foundation

that bought me to my knees

maybe your neglect will wash it away?






through your weakness

i see guilt

through my weakness

you see power

through your eyes

i saw the hurt

through my eyes

you see the emotion

through your hands

i saw the electric pulses of confusion

through my hands

you saw the hiding intentions

through your mouth

i saw meanginless promises

through my mouth

you saw the pure truthfullness

through your heart

i saw false pretences

through my heart

you saw it broken.


but my

weakness is hidden by my power

my eyes keep a watchful eye

my hands will only hold those most valuable

my mouth will only speak words of truth

and my heart will eventually reopen with full intentions of love


Would you love in all its finery

tear at the darkness all around me

until i can breathe again

until i believe again

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