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do you believe in dreams?

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it looks like my ex is coming around....this surprises me cause i would never think that he's gonna do it


well...anyway...i had a dream last week about him...then next morning i got a text message from him that he had a dream about me....


the next night i had a dream about me having a babyboy, going through labor and stuff like this... .... next morning i went online and i got a message that my friend (in another country) gave birth to a babyboy that night before


then i started thinking about dream i had about my ex....see my ex is really busy man lately


in my dream....me and him were at the party and it was really crowded...we were trying to go through some room... he was going first and was holding my hand... every few seconds he was looking back at me and smiling to me (nice warm smile) ...later on in a dream we were sitting and eating


do you believe in dreams?

what do you think?

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Yes, but in a more scientific manner.


Many of the studies about REM sleep involve the subconscious having control of the mind. While during non-REM sleep, and awake activity, the subconscious has to take a back seat, even though it's still gathering an processing information.


I've read a few books on how you can "program" yourself to dream about specific events. I don't know if it works for everyone, but 99% of my dreams are grounded in what is occurring with me in real life.


That said, I think deep down, you want to get back with your ex, and your subconscious is just exploring those notions.

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