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  1. he was in hospital for a week...almost died and she was there all the time even though they broke up on the day that accident happened...it had nothing to do with the music... she never liked it and now she tries to use his weakness it is just so stupid and pisses me off...fortunately it looks like he didnt take her request seriously
  2. he is my ex boyfriend and i dont want them to be together anyway he works two jobs and probably hes gonna give up one soon cause he's going to school...music was only free time thing although very important to him
  3. sorry about generalization..i know i shouldnt...im a girl too he's really got talent... it is still underground music but he wants it to be more... i dont think he will give up the dream...but i was so surprised that she asked him that...grow up? what was she thinking...there are thousands of musicians over 25
  4. recently i found out that my friend's gf of 3 months asked him to gave up his dream (being musician) and grow up (!!!)... he's 25 how come girls can be so stupid?
  5. watching that movie i had every kind of feeling going through my body and every kind of thought going through my mind imagine that some people really experienced situations like that
  6. i watched this movie last night "The Last Kiss"... it made me think about the limits in relationships and how much we can stand and how much we can forgive --people are getting scared of relationships and commitment, sometimes we run away but sometimes also come back i had moment when i broke down and cried did anybody see this movie?
  7. according to the LOA there is no such thing as coincidence...that universe always tries to tell or show us something almost exactly 1 year ago i gave my ex framed monochromatic photo of my face (late valentine's gift)...it was size about 10 by 12 inches ....i dont think he really like it...he joked that it was biiiigggg...it was actually the beginning of the end of our relationship anyway and there is my favorite song now...im listening to it for a couple weeks already...many many times (even few times in a row) i saw video first time last night ....in this video this guy is looking at the wall size monochromatic photo of his ex gf's face (exactly the same face shot as mine)..and he sings: " i tried to call but pride wouldnt let me dial"... i treat this stuff with eye-blink but it was a weird feeling seeing the video anyway wouldnt you have mixed feelings?
  8. hey people...wow i see mixed feelings about the movie i want to say one thing about those "checks coming in mail"...remember that this movie is made from separate interviews and they just cut pieces to create the movie... what if this guy said that he bought some stocks years back but they didnt do good....and then all of the sudden he started getting checks with dividends or sth
  9. this is "the Secret" for free... its only for limited time link removed
  10. i totally agree with ebsmith1 even before i heard about LOA when i was with me ex all i was doing was thinking that we are too different to make it work... and we didnt...but..because i cant hate and im pretty positive person i couldnt think bad about my ex.... thats why he started getting back in touch with me....we had on and off online friendship but eventually we stopped talking ( i got mad at him and i cut him off)...but i cant be mad for too long we didnt communicate for over 3 months....but after watching Oprah show i started thinking in a way like: "ok ex i forgave you" ...forgave for everything in general...and i started getting messages from him...i get back in touch with him and maybe he still is like: that those messages mean nothing cause he sends the same to the bunch of people at the same time...but i was like: ok...but somehow for the last 3 months i didnt get any of your serial messages.... he couldnt explain me that.....this is the way that LOA works...plus...i sent an email to our mutual friend the other day, mentioning something about my ex...and...it happened that my ex read this email and he sent me angry message about me talking about him...ok...i know that i shouldnt...but...why in a first place my ex read an email that was sent by me to that friend?... im not trying to get back with my ex.... like one guy at Oprah show said is failing with honor"....im just getting in touch with my ex using LOA... its just stronger than me cause i cant think negatively about him anymore... and because once in a while im thinking about good moments we shared im sending positive vibrations to him and hes getting in touch with me on his own because he has free will
  11. i love the whole idea of "the secret"...there was Ellen show few months ago and two men where talking about the secret...that was the first time ive heard about it i started reading books and then there was two shows that Oprah made i by myself am having problems with thinking positively all the time cause but i kinda thought myself to switch thoughts every time im thinking negatively on Oprah show this one guy said that "trying is failing with honor"..... so from that day im not trying im just doing, creating my future ...just like all of you should understand it and do it
  12. for all those people that read ebsmith1 thread titled "ex sent me roses"....this thread changed into discussion about the Law of Attraction....this is the link to watch famous movie "The Secret" link removed feel free to post your thoughts about "the secret" under my thread...im really intrested in the law of attraction and i know that a lot of you will feel much better after watching it... enjoy!!!
  13. my ex was a jerk but i love him... im not gonna put my story here but i have a question: you dont have any problems with trying to get back with him knowing that he slept with other girl? and yes..i know law of the attraction too....thats why my ex is coming back to my life all the time cause i think about him all the time
  14. i know what you are talking about... it is simply LAW OF ATTRACTION !!!... im trying to act just like you do according to the "secret"... theres no point to cry about the past...this is something that happened, gave us lesson, made us the way we are right now...so just like the law says...we should be grateful for who we are and what we have right now...and try to picture ourselves in better position in the future and im really trying to make it real and although i cut my ex from my life...hes trying to stay in touch with me and even sent me valentines wishes in text message today and im not weird or crazy or anything like that...i just read about it lately and i watched oprah show last week good luck and keep your positive attitude !!!
  15. of course nice way is always the best way but i didnt want to keep anger inside me anymore... i freaked out one time..told him what i think..and he knew that i had right to be that way...thats why he sent me another message few days later...then i was more calmed down than i was before..and i wrote him politely that i wont be ok with him after what he've done u can be nice with somebody if they are just not welcome in your life....but if they did something wrong towards you sometimes its good to take it out of your chest and then move on
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