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My Heart and your broken arrow


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only slow moves remain to to save your day

in heart beats and broken arrows

who will save your day

in all that you deliver

a shimmering delicate flow

in all that exists

because all that you deliever

are lies and decite

your skin like an empty cavity

empty and dark

you left a blood stain on my heart


hide from yourself

and watch how you disappear

in your darkness and disappear

i will wait for you

in the sunshine bright

with the doves singing

in the cool light breeze

they say this is life


some like the dark

they find refuge in it

hiding way below

all their stones of hatered

their prisions of disbelief

their rubble of life.


shelter me from their darkness

take me to the sunshine

where there is peace

where the sun shines brightly

against my once kept sheltered skin

where my eyes can envision the escape

where the flowers smell their sweetest.

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