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AM I ALONE in this world


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[Material World]

Clueless to know what to think

Feeling lost without the flow

It's the emptiness in this sink

I'd like to fill up this hollow

Because the glass is half empty

Although I do thirst for more

I'm waiting for sweet tea

I'm too good for water

Don't wait to hand me the sweetness

And I'll just drink it all now

One big gulp of life being sleepless

It's all mine, it's all gone

Nothing left but sweet satisfaction

And a thirst for more and more

Left with not a drop of condensation

Dehydrating till I hallucinate

Imagining rain in my perfected lust

While I lie in thorns of heat

Licking spacious droplets in the dust

Fainting in everlasting bliss



I see the spec in the cavern

Darkness encompasses the light

And I'm deeply lost in the raven

But through this small hole of light

It's the way out of the fear of mine

Because I'm so scared of the night

I want a hand to hold me in line

Tripping over jagged rocks is painful

Fortunately, it has not killed me yet

But I stumble wounded in agony

Bleeding for predators I'll forget

The smell of fears eats me away

And it draws the evils ever closer

I need your divine to protect me

They're eating me away deeper

It won't let go and it keeps digging



Dare I stay with this madness?

What it has molded me to evil

Dare I flee from this sadness?

What am I now in this upheaval?

Doing away to pass time away

To bring to end this season

Doing this now to end my decay

To bring my soul out of treason

I have no regrets no remorse

Drawing closer to you

I have no guilt of this course

Falling away from you

Departure from volatile blood finite

Ripped from piece tone and flesh

Are we bound by the stars lit?

Surely, one with earth and nature

I keep living only because of death

I sleep because I'm alive and well

One with all with one last breath

Surely, I'll remain here with you



Streamlining on a solar wave of bad luck

My misfortune is a bead among stars

I do believe we're together in a mind f***

In a cosmic quilt I'm a loose thread

Cut me away because I don't belong here

Weaved as of the wrong moment of time

My path destined to meet not one near

Floating away from all that is colorful

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