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am I overreacting? and how do i control my anger/annoyingness

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Okay so if anyone has read my last thread, my bf was being mean with this jokes and stuff ( about being fat etc..). Now the jokes have toned down but it's the taunting that now begins.


So he's in hk right now, i asked him to buy me some things there and he joking keeps saying he'll buy me only a sars mask etc.. i was like uh..


And during my convo i was telling him the present he gave me for my bday is breaking and i joked saying. oh your friend sold you something broken etc..and he joked and said" so now your saying i got you a broken gift and you don't appreciate it? enough of this! etc.." i was like ERR and it made me feel bad and annoyed. I got annoyed and i told him, you shouldn't be joking like that etc..funny thing is he also told me he had a bad dream of me getting all hissy and mad over nothing and i stomped off and asked a girl to drive me home. Then he was like " oh my dream is coming true."

haha well it did. i said i always get mad for a reason. not just at nothing.


So anyway i just told him i'll talk to him 2 days later, i got really annoyed with him so i told him i had to go, and just hung up.

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Well it sounds like you and your bf are like on different wave lengths when it comes to joking.


So are you overreacting? Probably. But it doesn't matter.


You do have a choice in how you respond to your boyfriends jokes, but certainly if you find something upsetting, you have every right to be angry.


What I'm not sure about is how you go from joking with your boyfriend, then get angry when he makes a joke back. It almost seems like a double standard. Or maybe he goes to far.


As for "controlling" your anger. Take a look for some material on anger management.

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yeah i wrote a list of comments he made during the convo, so it's just not this one. one was indireclty telling me i'm getting fat, another was i'm not studying enough and putting down my intelligence in a joking manner. that's what ticked me off. There was this other one about him having a bad dream of me and he kept telling me about it today.

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