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negative people

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I'm on a spiritual journey and going through a awakening of my life. I found out i like to befriend people with seriuos issue so I can their cheerleader.

How do people stay away from negative people?I'm a seriuos people with issue magnet. I want to bring positive people in my life for once in my life.

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I feel the same way. I talk to people, and then BAM within less then an hour they are telling me their deepest secrets. In my opinion, we just have the gift of attracting people who are looking for help, and we are easy to talk to, so people open up to us more than they would to another person.


Sorry no answer to your question, but maybe give you a new persective.

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I am much the same way, but that is not exclusively the type of people I can get along with. I just find that when I am taking things more seriously being especially deep and sympathetic I attract those types. On the other hand a good sense of humor, confidence, and being extra outgoing seems to attract people without so many issues!

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You may be an empath. A person who is very empathetic and can feel other people's feelings. Sometimes people want to feel a connection or kinship and they find it's easy to talk to you.


I would suggest going to www tribe net , and looking up empath, Or The Laws of attraction. Which is a movie about how we attract like energy into our life.

The best way to attract positivity into our life is to be a positive person ourselves. Right out a list of your best quailities, your goals, etc..

Keep thinking positive thoughts, they will come back to you.

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a) evaluate the current people in your life. who will be there when you them most, who would abandon you. keep those that appreciate who you are and will be there for you as your close friends. leave the others as acquaintances and portion out your time accordingly.


b) look at how you make friends in the future. like fisch said above, look at who you are to see what kind of people you attract.

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Be happy your not like me. I can be talking to a person I just met that very day and in 15 minutes they open up to me, and in 2 hours they are totally open to me to the point that I can ask them anything and get anything out of them. I don't always get peoples negative side, but I do get to hear peoples problems tho, and I hate it when this happens. If your wondering what type of people I attract, all kinds of people and ages. I have attraced babies, to grandmothers, and everything else in between. But I view this ability as a good and bad thing, as it does have its uses, while on the other hand it can be easily be abused and used for the wrong reasons.

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Keep in mind that this is based upon my own spiritual beliefs... so if it's not your cup-o-tea you may find this post a bunch of rubbish


If you are drained it may be because you allow others to steal your energy. It is important to have a barrier against that. If you are seeking out people to give energy to, it is because you need a movement of energy. Yours is depleted and the way you energize is through energy exchange. It's easy to find people who will drain you of your energy. unfortunately, they don't give back. They become, in effect, emotional leeches (aka psychic vampires).


If you are feeling like you are constantly rescuing people and you wish to stop, I think you would do well to take a look at yourself and try and figure out why you feel a need to base pieces of your self-esteem on your positive impact on others. You can get stuck in a viscious cycle of becoming so invested in other's people's lives that your own emotions are entirely dictated by the success/failure of others. that is also known as co-dependency and, if it sounds like something that may describe how you are feeling, I would look into learning about it further.


There are many things you can do for yourself. Just two things are...


1. Only surround yourself with upbeat people. It may be difficult for you to get a connection at first with them, because it is so much easier to bond with someone that drains you... though not good. If you aren't used to healthy relationships, they can feel like they are a bit more work and less satisfying at first... over time you will find them quite the opposite.


2. Build yourself a good barrier to keep people from stealing your energy. i would suggest spiritual counseling of some nature. Work on your own sense of self.


It is a gift to be able to identify people in need and give them the support they require to get on their feet. However, if you do not protect your own well-being, you will be drained and useless and have nothing for yourself.


Good luck and best wishes.

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