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ex sends a text!!! what should i do?

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well me and my ex broke up at the end of march . .. . i started NC the middle of june and she has sent me 3 texts, 2 emails . .. 1 call and 1 voicemail . .. nothing that i wanted to hear so i didnt reply to any of them . .. the last call was on july29 and i got a text tonight that says "wow thanks for being there for me". .. because when i was trying to get her back i told her that . ..but then i went NC . .. she wasnt there for me when i needed her . . . im sure i would have found out if something bad would have happened or something b/c i know her best friends bf and im sure its nothing like that . .. so i just think shes trying to get me to write back to her or call her . .. what do u guys think? what do u think i should do?

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If I were you, I would just be very very very cautious. why did you guys break up?


at most... e-mail her and ask what she wants. if she isn't asking to get back together, forget it.

I agree with Annie - no message from an ex when you are hurting is acceptable other than wanting to get back together, despite what you may have said before.

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i would stay as far away from this girl as possible. no replies, especially if she's only being pissy in her communication with you. it would be one thing if the text said, "hey, what's up, how are you?" but all she wants is for you to feel badly for who knows what. never respond to someone who only wants to provoke you.

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just got another call this past sunday . .. didnt leave a message or anything . . .so i didnt return it again . . . its been a weird trend . .. after i started nc . . .i got a message 3 weeks later . ..then it went down to about 2 weeks apart . ..now the past 2 have been exactly one week apart

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