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How Would You Interpret this?

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How about a different version of this for me?


Guy friend of mine and I used to be close (there was attraction) but because of an age gap we couldn't be together, so we stayed "friends". But now he is married and I am "legal" as it were. He and I have emailed for 2.5 years now and he just recently reminded me of his personal email address for the fourth time and also gave his work email as well, plus his home address for writing too.


Now, when he gave me these it was my graduation party (four weeks prior to his wedding date) and he told me to write and to also give him my college email as soon as I have it. I have written once through email and once through post, both of which have been strictly platonic and "just friends" in tone, but haven't heard anything at all in response. I don't even know if he's married now.


I was one of the first people he told when he planned to get engaged so I don't understand why he hasn't written to me at all when he is the one who has been adamant that we write to each other!


What are his motives for this?




PS - Sorry to anyone who's already heard this story, just trying to get other perspectives in a different area.

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I'm not really sure of his motives here.


We split up after 3 months about 1.5 years ago. He was 2+ years younger than me. (Him 14.5, me 17). I changed colleges, and because I loved him very much, and him me, I decided to NC him....except we'd talk occasionally on MSN..platonically.


He does know I have a boyfriend, indeed one of the first things he asked me on MSN the other day (when he gave me his number) was if I was still with him.


Recently, he didn't go to a mutual friend's party because he thought I'd be there.


He doesn't have a girlfriend, to the best of my knowledge, and hasn't had one since me.

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