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weird astrological fate or coincidence?

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I don't know how true astrology is but I've noticed a pattern with myself with guys I've been involved with...


So I reflected and discussed with my girlfriends about guys I have had previous relationships with that have came and gone. They all had one Really interesting thing in common...all but one of the guys I have dated and ended up with relationships were all Capricorns... actually looking at their birthdays they were all born within 3-4 days of eachother in January!


Let me note that these guys I have met over a span of 4 years all randomly and unexpectedly met through friends, or social gatherings, random everyday life events mainly at times where I'm not even looking for a date or relationship. I don't go around asking guys what their signs are like some pickup line Lol


Is this some bizarre event that I mostly end up with guys born within 3-4 days of eachother?? I myself am a Picses and I guess I click well with Capricorns? I'm pretty facinated at the thought...

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I studied astrology and used to hang around with some folks that were professional astrologers for a while. It's interesting, but not something I'd personally use for much more than entertainment purposes....especially the Sun Sign astrology that most people refer to when they start talking about astrology and horoscopes.


Sun Sign astrology would be the sort of thing that's printed in daily paper. When people say, "I'm a Taurus" they're referring to their Sun Sign -- which is the position of the Sun when they were born. However, a full, personalized astrological reading will plot out the positions of ALL the planets and other celestial bodies at the time of your birth and their spatial relationship to each other in the sky at the the time of your birth. To make predictions about events/conditions in your life, the position of the planets & etc. at the time of your birth are compared to the positions of the planets at the present (or future) time.


It's very complex, really...and I was hanging around with these folks before the advent of astrological software, so they had to make all those calculations manually. They'd start with a client's birthdate, birth time, and city of birth, look up the planetary positions in a book called an Ephemeris, plot those out on a chart, and then calculate the distances and relationships between all the planets and houses in the chart.


All that having been said, of the 4 long-term (meaning 2 or more years) relationships I've had in my life, 3 of those guys' birthdays (including my husbands) have fallen in the same week-long stretch toward the end of July -- my college bf: 7/22, the alcoholic: 7/29, and my husband: 7/23.

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As a Capricorn, I can say that we just rock...




Anyways, if you do look at astrology your brain just looks to make connections with other things, so that leads you to believe that it does have something to do with it, but it really doesn't. It's a coincidence. That's just how our brains are wired.

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i think your situation was a coincidence. pretty cool to think about, though. astrology is interesting.


something that i've always found interesting is the number 27 in my relationship. here it goes.


- my birthday is on january 27

- my SO's birthday is on april 27

- our anniversary, the night we got together, was on july 20, 2007, it was NOT planned for that night, the conversation just went that way. we only really realized it after a few weeks. in numercial terms the date would be 20-07-2007

- when he firt came to see me, his bus platform was #27 (the platforms regularly change)

- on our first date the pool table we got was #9 (2+7 =9)

- the first time we ate a proper meal the bill came to $27 and some change

- his best friend was murdered a couple months after i first met him, several months before we dated. his bestfriend's birthday was on january 27th as well. he keeps saying that isaac left his life, and i came in his.


i don't have many thoughts on this apart from this stuff can REALLY trip you out.

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Is this some bizarre event that I mostly end up with guys born within 3-4 days of eachother?? I myself am a Picses and I guess I click well with Capricorns? I'm pretty facinated at the thought...


I'm a Capricorn and I get along great with Picses!!! Both my dad and my brother are picses and very easy going- I love it!

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"Professional Astrologers?"


Isn't that an oxymoron?


They give Astrology readings as their job. Since it is their profession, they are professionals.


Most of the ones I knew did readings on the side and had a "day job." However, two of them were able to do Astrology full time for their living, including the one I worked for when she had TV and radio call-in shows.

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I have an interesting story too.

I went on two dates with two different guys 2 years ago during the same month.

They were both born on the same day and on the same year in the same city (19.12.2008.) and they both liked me.

I ended up being in a relationship with one of them and he's still my bf.

So they both were "lucky" enough to meet and date me in the same month lol

They both met a Virgo with joint ascendant Capricorn/Aquarius with Moon in Gemini, Venus in Cancer and Mars in Scorpio.

Weren't they lucky. lol


btw it really annoys the hell out of me when other people bash astrology in the astrology related thread.

I never went bashing religion in a religion thread (when they were allowed here).

So if I am polite enough not to say there is no proof God existed to a person talking about God why it's not expected from other people not to criticize things I believe in even though there is no scientific proof of them.

How rude, annoying and selfish it really is when people start criticizing other peoples convictions?

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