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There's this guy in my acting class that I've been interested in for awhile now. I didn't act upon my feelings because he has a girlfriend. That I know of, I think he's still seeing her, but I don't know for definite sure. Anyways, we got paired up, twice luckily, to do an intimate scene, which was so awesome because in the first scene, my character is flirty with him, asking if he's still with his girlfriend and makes a move on him just giving him this huge kiss. Totally like what I'd WANT to do, but we both knew that there would be a positive outcome in the end (which is that he also admits that he has had the same feelings in return and kisses me again at the end). But I'm not really that ballsy as my character. Anyways, that was a scene that I suggested to him that we do and he was all for it and told me that he thought we should go all out on the kiss. And again, we did another scene where HIS character was into my character and he gives me a sensual kiss. This kiss lasted longer than the kisses in the first scene, but it was just as amazing.


So my problem is that I know that he thinks I'm cute. Our natural relationship among each other is that we playfully flirt with each other, but he most likely still has this girlfriend which I honestly respect. It's just doing these scenes now, I'm kinda figuring NOW is the best time to do or say something. We got really great feedback for being so believable and convincing (but obviously for ME is wasn't acting, it was just being in the moment which absolutely worked) and we got to talk a little bit after doing that first scene (that was on Monday, the second scene was on Wednesday) just thanking the other for doing an awesome job. Anyways, does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should do next? I should find out, obviously, if he's still with his girlfriend, but whether he is or isn't, I'd want to let him know that I really liked kissing him and want him to know that I'm interested in him. I'm probably figuring to do this because of that first scene and how my character did that. Any thoughts or suggestions?? We're in our early 20's btw and I'm older (so I'm not sure if he's wondering if I'd even consider him because I'm a couple years older)


Thanks so much!

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