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How do you release anger when your jealous?

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Hey all,


I could really do with some advice if not words of wisdom to help over come my problem. A main problem with me is, I can't let things go that easily. I mean if I have been involved with an argument and someone settles it, I don't feel satisfied, I mean I have to have the last word and I have to make sure that everyone else involved suffered like I did. Believe me, I know how incredibly selfish that sounds and I aren't proud of it.

At the moment, I'm still feeling rather bitter from events that have gone on since March and I don't feel like I have let off steam properly because if I had, I'd be over it by now.


I still have feelings for a guy who I have have no contact with anymore (and it is so unbelievably painful ) and I want him back. I lied to him before I lost contact with him and told him I no longer have an account with ENA. I lied because I don't want to give this place up, I really have no one else I can confide in with my problems and people often say the best advice can come from strangers.


I just want to make it clear he didn't want me to cancel my account, I only told him I would so he wouldn't read my posts anymore. I haven't been on ENA for a few months because I wanted to keep a low profile for a little while. Also it hurt him what he read in one of my posts and I don't want to hurt him.


Anyway it's not the best time at the moment because it's that time of month again and I'm utterly emotional. I'm angry, happy, sad stressed etc .. and I'm still jealous of this guy. I can't have him because there is an age gap, he's in a relationship, theres a distance between us and well thats just about it really.


Today I was in Sainsburys and I looked under the weather and I was a bit moody too, anyway this chav walked up and said "whoa is it your monthlies or what?" That comment wound me up so much that I pushed her in the the fridge and told her to back off.


I don't usually do that but it's just I hate people who think they are funny with smart **** comments.


I'm always pretty bitter no a days. I think it's related to still being angry with this guy and his gf and no matter what I do I can't let it go. I can't get over it and I absolutely hate that they are moving on and leaving me suffering with it still.


I aren't sure what to do to relieve anger? I don't know how to just let things go that easily ... any ideas? I really need too.


Take care all


Miya xx

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Relax, it's what jesus would do =P


Seriously though, I'm pretty sure no one ever lets go of their anger over the sort of things you described there, they just learn to incoporate it into their being...


I've always found a quick walk or drive accompanied by loud music is the best way to sort feelings out, how do you deal with other emotions? Sadness, or Boredom for example? Could that be applied to Jealousy? ect...


Hope this helped =)

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I didn't know he was reading my posts otherwise I wouldn't of wrote them in the first place! He told me after I wrote them. He found the link to this site because a friend of mine who is also a member here, showed him a link to her post that she wrote when she needed comfort about her dad.


Back then everything was fine and we were all mates.


I tried to excersise. I run every night about 11:00pm when no one else is around and I don't feel paranoid. I plug in my MP3 and then jog to the music. I sometimes take a football to dribble to focus on something. It also helps to develop my dribbling skill. 8-)


I'm sorry if I did scare you when I wrote that post, it's just so cruel to have feelings for someone who has them for you too but can't ever be with you.


This sucks (not the post or replies but the situation I'm in)

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