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What happens if she says yes?


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In the not too distant future, I plan to ask a certain girl out on a date, but I'm confused. I'm not sure what my next course of action is if everything goes well. If she says no, it's easy. I go home, and I'll most likely never see her again. Same thing if the date doesn't go over well. If we don't gel, I'll most likely never see her again.


But, what if she says yes, and we go out, and we really hit it off? What am I supposed to do afterwards? Where do we go from there?

I've never had a girlfriend before, so I have no idea how any of this stuff is supposed to work. Help?

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Welcome to ENA Eddward!


One step at a time dude! One step at a time! Don't worry about what's down the road, don't overthink this, just let it roll...


So what's the situation between you two and what is your plan for asking her out?


Thanks, it's good to be here.


Here's the situation. This girl and I had a class together last year. We got along well, in a constant-exchange-of-insults sort of way, and I started to like her. She may or may not like/have liked me, I'm not good at picking up signals. Either way, I never did anything about it, because I figured there was too much that could go wrong. Awkwardness if she said no and whatnot. Also I didn't have a driver's liscense, and I thought it would be lame to have somebody else hauling us around.

But at some point during the summer, I formulated an amazingly cynical plan. I spend half the day away from highschool at a technical college. She takes all honors classes, I don't take any. We're focusing on different subjects. And, she's a year younger. Taking all those things together, we will most likely never have another class together again. So if she says no, I have absolutely nothing to lose.

I know one of the afterschool activities she's in, and I figure I can catch her before or after that to ask her out. I plan to take her to Braum's (an ice-cream place) for lunch.

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I fully plan to go through with it. Nerves haven't even been an issue yet, though they may when it actually comes time to do it. But that's not what's bugging me.

It's the fact that I have no idea what comes AFTER the date. What if she likes me, she says yes, and everything goes really well? What's supposed to happen next? I'm venturing into uncharted waters, and to be honest, I'm a little scared of not knowing what to do.

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You date for while and see if you get along well.


Later you may fall in love, get married and have to invite everyone on eNotAlone to the wedding.


Seriously - don't think too far ahead. Just enjoy her company and see where it leads you.

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