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No one sees me


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I walk these streets

Not one soul sees me

I am cying out loud

Hoping someone will notice

I scream as loud as i can

No one hears me

No one sees me

What is wrong with me?

Why cant you hear me?

My Mothers cying

My Brother looks like he lost his soul

My sister going crazy

But no one sees me

Why cant they see me

I look around and see a cofin

My body is in it

I am dead

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Hi Kita,


This is a well witten real life story showing your true feelings and situation.


We here see and hear you in our minds and hearts. You also help others more and more and give good advice. I am proud of you all the more!


You are stronger and stronger because you can see others and feel about others!


You deserve to be understood but to expect to be understood is very foolish.


You deserve to be seen but to expect to be seen is very foolish.


Why? Your mom is too busy and hurts too, your brother and sister hurt like you or more than you! Thus they can't understand and see themselves! All the same for many people and friends in this world.


Please be the light in your families life and try to support and care especially your mom.


You also could make a journal in the Journals forum and we read about your feelings and issues and help and encourage you. I am always happy to look after you.

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