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Pressure/Sleep problem

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This is an awkward situation but I am looking for some insight. Has anyone ever experienced a lot of pressure while laying in bed? Usually it's all over my body and if I move quickly to "throw it off" it will return not too long after. My sleeping habbits are normal and I am just looking for other's opinions. Could it be something to do with sleep paralysis? It is really really creepy.



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I have had a type of sleep paralysis.


Incubus is another name for demon that tries to "sleep" with women while they sleep.


But the sleep paralysis is a real thing. Most time it happens to people when they sleep on their backs.


Are you feeling paralyzed? If so, when it happen , try and move your toes. Your big toes...


Pretty much this phenomenon sucks...I endured this on and off for a few years...


I had one night where the sleep paralysis effected me and I woke up mid dream, could not move and heard this "spirit" talking to me... and ..I felt pinned down... it was evil.... but I probably like I said woke up mid dream... anyway I feel for you.. this thing is evil

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