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What to do, I feel I screwed up


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I just need some opinions in what I should do. I went out with this spanish girl, I love spanish woman and with her friends, brother, cousin, etc. We went to a latin club and we had a few drinks. Unfortunately I didnt dance with the girl that I am kind of dating at the moment. Sometimes its hard to know if I am dating or just a friend at that will be it. Anyways, I feel like such a fool for not trying to dance with her. I said I didnt know most of the dances, which is true like reggaton, merengue, etc. I know a little salsa, but didnt even try to do that. I am a shy person and it really came out of me last night. I feel I had a shot and screwed up. When I left, she was like, you have to go? Before I left a guy hit on her and they danced as well. I sent a text message to her phone saying that I was sorry, a mistake again I feel.


Anyways, I want to ask for another chance in a few days, ask her that I want to dance, but I become real shy sometimes at clubs. I want her to get to know me away from the club as well. She loves to dance and I want to dance with her, but feel as well that I dont know all the dances, so she will end up finding another guy that dances better, is spanish, full head of hair, dark skin, etc.


I want to write and say that I was sorry about the other night and see if we can do it again another night? Would this be smart or stupid. I also dont want to show that I am insecure as well.


So let me know your opinions and any advice you may have.

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