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prepare to be disturbed

Daddy Bear

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a dark metaphor on the futility of the human quest for happiness. it came to me at 3 AM the other day after listening to some Nine Inch Nails.


Out Of Their Misery (Kind To Be Cruel)


poor perspective, if you will

two-and-a-half dimensional

thirsting in a bombed-out city

but all the water's boiled away

a pity


the search for the invisible

something not quite physical

rifle scope is trained on hell

magnifies her face of death

so well


oh well


i still hear the planes

i hide in my shelter

to sharpen my brain

i read Helter Skelter

i'll burn her remains

and wish i had felt her

suffering's a crime

her blackened skull is mine


line it up beside the others

empty shells of mutants' mothers

there's food down here, and ammunition

and best of all, i have a job

a mission


sometimes i fake a broken leg

and once they're close, i got them pegged

just mercy killings, not for sport

i'm sure they knew that life was raw

and short


you know every habit

demands that you feed it

and if you don't have it

you think that you need it

run after the rabbit

'cause though you won't beat it

you'll never change your mind

no, not in your lifetime

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it wasn't about me!!! i just wrote it in the first person because it seemed more ominous that way. the protagonist in the story was killing women because they were slowly thirsting to death, and in his own deranged way he thought he was doing them a favor. obviously, the right thing to do would be to share what he had, but he lacked a sense of self-sacrifice.


the only thing i've shot in the last 20 years was a pumpkin, lol.

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