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Perhaps your diet in general is not what it could be? During sex, your body suppresses a lot of sensations and feelings that have nothing to do with the reproductive process. For example, I suffer from allergies and if I have sex on a day where there are lots of allergens in the air, I'm fine during, but have a sneezing fit immediately afterward. Same with certain aches and pains. They're gone during, but come back after.


I would think it's more a matter of your body masking things during sex that the sex itself causing the problems.

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It's not so unusual to have a full belly and then will all the shaking and moving you do during sex to feel nauseous. Liken it to climbing on a roller coaster after eating.


Eating afterwards is a good idea as others have said, and keeping the bedroom (or wherever you are having sex) a cooler more comfortable temperature will help as well.

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Thank you everyone for your input. as for the temprature problem, i have an above average body temp so i get hot and sweat more easily than others...so i keep fans running constantly in my room. But it doesn't matter how many fans are running, it seems that i cannot avoid myself (And her also) getting drenched. I know there really isn't a cure for this. But anyways, thank you all for your input and advice.

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