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Can I have someones perspective please I think I have gone mad.

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I'm 22 years old, I've been working in at a petrol station and retail hardware since i was 14. I've spent 4 years at uni, started of a science major and then changed to an economics major. I don't know how the american education system works but for me to have done that i virtually had to waste one year under the australian system. My life story aside... I feel extremely guilty spending four years at uni and achieving very very little. Working 20-30 hours a week tops. The guilt is killing me. Where I am asking for a general perspective is to follow. What i learned in my economics major.. is that I hate economics. It doesn't interest me at all, not in the slightest. I was considering finishing the science degree that I started majoring in geology and evironmental science. It would take only 1.5 more years. I am perfectly happy working the jobs I am in. I love the exposure to customers and the people I am working with. When i tell people that I wouldn't mind doing this as a career, try and work my way up. They look down on me. When they ask me what I am going to try and do with my degree and I tell them I may return to studying,(my marks are good) they look at me like I am an idiot.


The question I have for you complete strangers is, should I bite the bullet and try to build a career in the world of commerce. Or do I still have room for other aspirations.

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This is your life, you can always choose what you want. It doesn't sound to me like you want to go work in the business/corporate world, and I don't think you would be happy if you chose that route.


How do you feel about being in the science world? What type of career do you foresee yourself obtaining if you got that degree?


Have you thought about trying to flip your economics major to a business major, giving you strong qualifications to move up the ladder at your current job?

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I know a guy that spent many, many years in college just to drop out in his final year. I know another person who spent 9 years in college to get his degree, still has a year left, and doesn't even want to go into that field. I know it doesn't make much sense, but he feels the need to finish the degree.


Like MollyElise said, you could switch to a major that will benefit your current occupation..

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I would continue what you are doing until you figure out what you you want to do in the other two fields (science, economics). You have the luxury of liking what you do right now, so don't rush into anything. Take the time to figure out what degree you want and then finish it. I do recomend finishing one of the degrees as it will help you in any career to have a degree.

You are young and you always have room for whatever aspiration you desire.

Good luck.

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My .02 cents:


I think it's best to finish up your undergraduate degree in the quickest way possible, (i.e. if you're not far away from your economics degree, finish it up, or if science would be faster, finish that) and then go on to graduate school to fine tune what you want to do.


It would take only 1.5 more years


That's almost as long as a graduate degree, so why not just finish the undergraduate degree in something and then go for the graduate degree in geology/envirnomental science and have even more to show for your time?




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I think you should start off by contacting some people in the respective fields of study and find out EXACTLY what each field entails. School is great but its far from the end-all-be-all, and your perception of what the field is like based on your school experiences is often different from the reality.


I can see some opportunities for you if you complete BOTH your undergrads. Economics/Geo-sciences you might find a valuable combination for working in the minging industry and doing environmental impact surveys and reports, as an example.


Again I would really sit down and talk with someone in the repective fields and get an idea. Too many people blindly go to university thinking an education will get them ahead when its simply not true for everyone.

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i've already finished the degree, just awaiting transcripts.


Oops, I got confused somewhere. I thought you had not finished your undergraduate degree yet. Well that's even better news- congratulations on finishing it!


Talk to beople in the field as tyler stated. If you decide to go further with the science- weigh your options at the undergraduate and graduate level. If a graduate degree in the field is not significantly longer than the 1.5 years and you are eligibile to apply for it, it would give you more for your time.




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