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Ok here the sitch.I have two guy friends who like me both very VERY much and its getting a little scary.I can't be around the two of them together or the start fighting over me.Yet I'm caught in between my two best friends.but the thing is theres this other guy i really really like.but i'm to shy to even talk to him.I'm scared because i don't know whats going to happen and i don't know how to let my two friends know i like somebody else!



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First let them know that you only like them as friends and hopefully that will stop the fighting.


Then start flirting with the other guy - try smiling at him and holding his gaze a little longer than you normally would.

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Listen... you have NO reason to be so shy. I'm sure you have a lot to offer a guy. Think of it this way: You've got 2 guys already fighting over you! That says a lot. You must be quite a catch, so why be so shy?


You're not trying to scare anyone, you're just talking. Just gauging to see if he might be interested. And if he isn't, no biggie. You'll find someone else who will like you. As I said, you've got 2 guys fighting over you. That shows you're obviously someone who is likable and accepted by guys. Go with it!

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