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Going through personal stuff while at work

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A very close friend of mine is staying at my place for the first time this week. I am a very private person, and she knows this, so it was a big deal for me to give her a set of keys and say that I wanted her to make herself at home here.


When I got home from work today I noticed that personal stuff in my bedroom had been gone through and that something private was missing from a zipped up bag (that had been closed and put back where it was).


I have not spoken to her about it yet, but I feel like my trust has been abused.

I have to go to work again tomorrow and I don't feel comfortable leaving my bedroom open and unlocked.


Am I being too sensitive, or am I right to feel that this should not have happened?

Should I confront her or wait and see if she says anything?


The situation is complicated by the fact that I had just agreed to lend her a lot of money that she urgently needs. But now I am unsure about whether I want to, although I know how devestated she would be if I didn't.


Thanks for any advice/thoughts...

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I wouldn't trust her at all now!


She should never have gone through your stuff. Don't lend her any money because I think you'll never see it again. Confront her about going through your things and that you want (whatever it is) back immediately. If she doesn't do it pick the phone up and pretend to phone the police.


Get your keys off her as soon as possible.


Good luck and take care.

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Are you pretty sure that she took something from one of your bags that were zipped up? Sometimes we forget that we didnt zip up a bag or something like that. I would hate for you to go and accuse your friend about something that turns out to be false for that will ruin your friendship.


If you are sure about it and feel really uncomfortable about it, then go and confront her about it. And you shouldnt lend her the money. I learned the hard way, it isnt good to lend friends large sums of money.

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