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I wrecked my car parents are mad :(

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Wow if you read my last few threads my life has been very bad. And now I just total my car into a ditch sweving to miss a dear. And my parents are telling me I have to break up with my girlfriend because of all of this. What is wrong with them...They can't tell me what I should or should not do I am 18.

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Yes they are insured. They say things are going to change? What does that mean? They don't like my girlfriend because well she's an artist and she likes to talk about dark artwork and light artwork. Etc... They say she is not right. And not right for me. But she is and I truly love her with all my heart.

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If you were dodging to keep from hitting a dear I can't see that is is your fault. I don't see how your girlfriend has anything to do with the car at all.


They are insured which should be no problem with the damages.


I don't really see how they can say you HAVE to break up with your GF. That seems silly to me, even if they are upset about the car.

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Even if you'd have hit the deer there would have been a lot of damage to the car, plus you may have been killed if it had come through the windscreen. They should be grateful you're both still alive.


I can't understand why they've said you've got to end the relationship either? By any chance were you taking your girlfriend home when the accident happened? That's the only thing I can think of.

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Can you tell us why the wreck led to the girlfriend thing? don't get mad or fight with them right now, give them time to cool off and realize that they are being irrational.


Well I my mom was sleeping so I asked her if I could go to my girlfriends house because she needed to tell me something very important and my mom said no I don't want you to. And I begged and begged and she said no but get out of here anyway. So I went to my girlfriends house and really she did not have to tell me anything important me and her were just fighting. So I wanted to go and calm her down so I did. And then I left coming home from her house which she lives on a dirt road because well she lives in the country and I came around the turn and going around a turn theirs a blind spot until you get half way around and their was a deer in the road so I did'nt want to hit the deer so I swearved to get out of the way and lost control of the car and slammed into the ditch mean while my head slammed into the driver window and my car sitting on its side. I had to get out and run 1 mile until I got someone to help me. I told him to go drive down to my girlfriends house and tell her I am ok and not to worry about me. So after getting my car pulled out of the ditch it was time to tell my mom and so I called and she just lost it with me on the phone. And my dad is even worse. So I was went back to my girlfriends house and my dad calls just yelling at me. So after about 2 hours my mom get's out their and takes a look at the car. And my girlfriend was like "oh my god its my fault, it's all my fault your mom problably hates me now oh no", etc.... And so my girlfriend said sorry to my mom and my mom said something mean and my girlfriend went into the house crying and mad. And so I had to change the tire since my tire was flat. So after changing my tire I went in to calm her down and she said that my mom hates her and I told her it was just my mom over reaching and in shock because she was. And then she saids "We need to take a break" and I said why and she said because of your parents not liking me. And I said that's stupid and were not taking a break and walked out. So then my mom drove me up to the police center to get a report made and while my mom was driving me up their she siad to tell my girlfriend that she is sorry and that she was in shock and did not mean to say what she said. And so my girlfriend called and I told her and she does not believe me. And she's like its all my fault you should of never came over here and she won't quit saying that. And she say's my parents hate her which they might right now but they wont because things are going to need to calm down. Maybe me and my girlfriend need to just take a 2 day thing and wait until I get my car fixed and things calm down? But me and her can still go out but just see each other at school right? What are your thoughts? Also my mom was so mad she told me to break up with her. Which really they can't do anything about that because it's my love life and I do what I want with my love life correct?

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ok..i think that you two should just no talk to each other for a few days until things have calmed down otherwise matters could get worse right? let your gf cool down and then talk to her - no point otherwise if she will refuse to listen to you.


as for your mum i think it was a heat of the moment thing - do the same for her. give her space to calm down then try talking to her again. you are 18 years old so they cant force you to stop seeing your gf but i say let the dust settle for now k?

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Your parents realised that you could've been killed in the accident that's why they acted the way they did. Plus you disobeyed your Mother which is definitely a No, No.


Your girlfriend ...well she's learnt a valuable lesson too. If she hadn't acted so immature then this would never have happened.


Give your parents time to calm down and talk to them. And for the time being just see your girlfriend at school.


Eventually when you get your car back make sure you slow right down whether it's day or night because it may happen again. Don't take chances!


Good luck and take care.

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