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Dizziness & blacking out..please read!!

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okay i was just wondering if anyone else experiances these symptoms.. first of all i have a history of fainting and migrane headaches, i have a small headache at least every other day.. i have fainted 2 times in my life.. the second i passed out in the middle of class at school (im 17 by the way) and i was rushed to the doctor for tests. they did blood work and whatnot, and all of my bloodwork came back perfect.. my doctor recommended a cat scan but because of the money i wasnt able to get one done.

well anyway, noone seemed too worried about it so i just went on not thinking too much of it.. but it just seems that i'm dizzy every day! every time i stand up i get so dizzy like im about to pass out, i even black out most of the time! i even have to lean on the wall so i dont fall over! i also experiance mild nausea most days.. i just dont know if this is common? or what this could be a symptom of? any advice would be helpful! thanks in advance

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Yeah, probably not a good sign if you experience constant headaches and dizziness, A catscan is probably an option you should look in to, or at least get a second opinion...


...But if you can't afford it... =/


*Wanders off mumbling about the American Health system...*

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so you do think it is serious enough for a cat scan? i may sound crazy but i feel so bad asking my mom to pay for it cause its sooo expensive.. i just dont want to do it if its not necissary (cant spell sorry) my doctor wanted me to have one, but my mom said that if there was something seriously wrong it wouldve showed up in my blood work? is that true?

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Maybe, maybe not, either way I'd default to the advice of my doctor over the advice of my mother =)


Blacking out is an immediate red flag, if you're blacking out it means blood isn't getting where it needs to go at a sufficient rate - or not at all - and the dizziness and nausea means your Inner Ear is being affected.


At least go and see a different doctor and get his opinion on it, it can't hurt.

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Sounds like you might be anemic. I've never actually fainted but I've gotten so shaky to the point I was unable to stand. I was also diagnosed with migraines but I now know the cause of my problems has been my diet...I am HIGHLY sensitive to ice cream...it is my favorite thing in the world and when I go over board I go big time. Now that I haven't eaten any in over 2 weeks I have not experienced ANY headaches. I used to get them constantly...at least once a day. I also talked with my doctor about rebound headaches...taking too much medicine...when you go for a day or two without taking medicine you end up getting another headache from withdrawl...once you take medicine for that headache it's a never ending cycle.


Not sure if that is the cause of your problems but they could be factors.

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Sounds like you might be anemic.


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Anemia is one of the first things a blood work-up would look for, the fact it came back clean the first time suggests something a little more serious... =/


And yes, I know this might sound weird coming from an 18 year old, and I'm the first to suggest that internet diagnosis is the worst kind of diagnosis, but I've been studying medical texts and books since I was old enough to read, and all I can say is to see a doctor for a second opinion =)


wow yeah, i actually have had like a million inner ear infections.. how does all of that fit together? is it all connected? sorry for all the questions but you seem to know what your talking about!


Do you experience ringing? Do sounds sometimes become really tinny, like a broken television?

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Sorry if I repeat what anyone else has said I didnt read all replies but I have the same problem and have for alittle over 2 years. I would definitely say get a cat scan because I went months without having a cat scan and things only got worse. But I was diagnosed with epileptic(sp?) migraines and as soon as I was put on medicine for the migraines all that remains now is I still get a minor headache every now and then like every normal person. So I would definitely suggest a cat scan, as a parent myself I'd prefer to pay money out of pocket and find out if something is wrong with my child then not and something be seriously wrong and not know until it's too late. Good luck, keep us posted!

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Do they not provide CAT scans for people who can't afford them? It sounds to me that you really should get one done. Without your health, everything else is meaningless. When something feels wrong, healthwise, it is always important to get it checked out. Bloodwork doesn't always show everything that is going on in the body. A CAT scan will really help to find out what is wrong. Even it shows nothing, the money is well spent because then you have peace of mind. Good health is the most valuable thing you have and it is worth taking care of.

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Do they not provide CAT scans for people who can't afford them?


America works on a different health system to Australia and Canada, it's a lot more expensive and harder to get treatment at times, which is what makes ashley00's problem so difficult, because she has to scrounge up the money =/

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Hi Ashley, something worth investigating. If you have experienced ear infections. The inner ear can affect our sense of balance. I once was out of sorts for 3 months due to dizziness that had no blood test explanation but the doc raised the concern about the affect of ear infections on ones sense of balance. This passed with rest.


Also. Have you been under a lot of stress lately, that could affect migraines.

As could allergies.

Hope you pick up soon.

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  • 1 year later...

lately ive been getting really dizzy

i call them "head rushes"


but after a while... everything goes black for a few seconds...


i thought it was because i got up to fast, but sometimes they just hit me when im standing up in general


my mom said that i probably just need to take my vitamins [because im vegatarian, she thinks that is a reason]


i do take them everyday... but the head rushes keep on coming... and they are getting worse.


ive blacked out a couple of times and completely fallen over... and when everything clears up, and i see fine, im in a different part of the house... like i was heading to my sisters room... and i black out and at first i dont even remember why i am in there!


i havent told anyone about me falling over...


i dont know what to do!


i hate to say it.. but its starting to scare me...


how do i prevent it?

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