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It's like my friend wants my boyfriend!

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I know I just posted a thread the other day, but this is a topic I could really use other people's opinions on. It's kinda long and I apologize for that.


My two best friends, let's call them J and V, are dating my boyfriend's two best friends, let's call them K and A. (J and K are dating- V and A are dating.) All three of us girls are in long term relationships with our significant others.


Recently I have noticed that V has been really forward about flirting with my boyfriend... (keep in mind her boyfriend A is my boyfriends best friend... since the 2nd grade!) Her tone with him has completely shifted from friendly, to flirty. Even her body language with him is, to me, a bit out of line. Especially when she is supposed to be my friend and her boyfriend is my boys best friend. (Body language example--- laughing at a joke while touching his arm, putting her hand on his thigh... ect.) She didn't even know my boyfriend until I started dating him and now all of a sudden she invites him over to her house to hang out... just him.


This hasn't been going on very long at all and until recently I thought I was just being a silly jealous girlfriend. Then this past weekend all six of us friends went to the beach for a little weekend get-a-way. Needless to say three couples on a weekend get-a-way everyone came prepared for sex.


I had gone out with J the week before and bought new cute lingerie for my boyfriend and I. Apparently V had gone and done the say on her own. I found this out when she walked into our room with nothing but her lacy black bra and matching underware on and proceeded to try to start up a conversation with my boyfriend, completely ignoring the fact that I was in the room. Thank God my friend J came in the room and dragged her away because I stood there in total shock ready to scream. My boyfriend just looked at me with a pathetic expression that said "I'm sorry, I didn't know what to do!"


Later that day I talked to J about what had gone on, and even she said she has noticed V acting differently around my boyfriend, which kind of comfirmed to me that I wasn't just being a silly jealous girlfriend.


So here's the thing... My boyfriend is now gone on another trip with his father and won't be back for a week. I feel that since he isn't here right now, and she is away from him it might be a good time to talk to her about her actions.


But here is the other thing to throw into the mix. She is moving to a neighboring state (I live in the US) in 3 weeks. Is it worth talking to her about her actions? Or should I just suck it up and deal with her being all over my boyfriend until she moves? Her boyfriend is staying here so it's not like she is gone forever... but she won't be around very much...


Any comments?

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Well, it definitely sounds like V wants your boyfriend...


Your boyfriend gets back in a week, and V leaves in three? So that leaves a two week window with the two of them in the same place.


Faced with a similiar situation (genders reversed, of course! =P) If I trusted my girlfriend, I'd leave it alone. V will be gone soon, and when you remove the cause, the problem goes away. Out of sight, out of mind.


Or you could talk to V, but if she reacts badly you could ruin a friendship - albiet, a rather shakey sounding one - or worse put strain on your relationship.


Hope this helps =)

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Thanks sumguy, that's what I was thinking but I'm still kinda debating both sides in my head.


She is moving, but like I said her boyfriend is staying here. So she'll be back to visit a lot. When she comes back we will all most likely see her at some point specially when my boys best friend is her boy.

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