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this is so complicated..at times i swear im strate..sometimes i think im bi.. and other times i feel i may be gay. im a 19 yr old male and am in a relationship with a girl who i really like. now i have a few reasons for thinkin im strate and a few for thinkin im bi or gay.. ok so here they are..... HETERO- thru high school i always fantasized about girls i cant remember how many tests i failed cuz i was in LaLA land. i have a girlfriend who i love bein around i love kissin her and touchin her and i jus love her company and i have strong feelings for her i see a future with this girl. Bi or Gay- sometimes i see a gut on tv and think hes attractive . i dont fantasize about men but i do have sexual thoughts and i get anxiety over this b/c i dont wanna think about that.the difference between my gay thoughts is i dont get aroused wen having gay thoughts were as i do get aroused wile thinkin about girls?!? so i must be strate... but why cant i get these gay thoughts outta my head? i go thruogh this everyday and it bothers me. i feel strate wen im out wit the bros i find my self naturally hittin on and gocking at girls. and wen im wit my girl i feel so attached to her. this is so confusing wat shuld i do? how can i relax my mind to figure things out?

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i dont think its a fear at all. its okay to be curious. Im the same age as you and i think its normal to explore your sexuality. I know how you feel in a way, i think girls are very attractive, but i dont consider myself bi..

instead of rejecting or pushing away your feelings take it in. the more you fight it the harder it will be.

You should try keeping a journal and write everything down at the end of the day about how you feel and whats going on. maybe it will help you figure things out once you get it all out.

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I think you are straight. If you don't get aroused by guys, then why would you be gay. Having thoughts does not make you gay.


However, I would warn you to be careful. People can be unforgiving if you disclose these thoughts. Before you do anything or tell anyone, be careful and really trust them.

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To quote Elaine from Seinfeld, "Admitting that another man is attractive does not make you a homosexual."


I think you should just calm down. So what, you can appreciate another guy's physical appearance. Women do it all the time, and I am sure 99.9% of straight men do it but they'll never admit it.


Now, if you're like me, and love thinking about guys all the time then you're pretty much gay. But from what you've written I think you're straight...for the most part, as many people fall somewhere in between totally gay and totally straight.

I might be gay but I think alot of females are totally hot...I am just not into them the same way a hetero guy is.

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ill give you an example of wat goes through my mind every single day. ill fantasize about my girlfriend not jus sexually but romantically too. we are goin on vacation in 2 weeks and i jus keep thinkin about the car ride wen i could jus wrap my arms around her..look her right in the eye... and say I LOVE YOU i jus get such a feeling of warmth and happiness. but then ill start thinkin about givin a man oral sex the difference is that it grosses me out yet my mind plays it over and over again. i sit there and were say omg im gay. then i get depressed. then i keep doubting myself. sometime wen im in public ill say somethin and think did that sound gay? i look at myself in the mirror and say do i look gay?it gets so ridicuolus

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