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Am I being unreasonable here?

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Guys please give me an honest answer on this one. I met a guy in a club over the weekend, we talked for a while, kissed and he asked me for my number so I gave it to him. He text me for days telling me how gorgeous I am etc etc. So he wants to meet up again, but he doesn't wanna go for a drink, for something to eat or to the cinema he wants to "park somewhere and talk" (probable shoulda walked away now!) anyway I told him I wasn't comfortable with that as I've just met him and I'd like to go out somewhere.

So we went for a drink but he only stayed for about 40 mins and said he had to go home cause he had to be up early for work the next morning. He droped me home, kissed me and put his hand up my top!!

He text me later and apologised, I said don't worry about it but I'd like to take things a bit slower, he said he understood and had no problem with this.

So last night we were talking and he told me that he doesn't wanna rush into sleeping together but "all the other stuff would be nice". He's making me feel like such a prude but I've only been on one date with this guy. I know he's only 3 months out of a 3 year relationship but he seems to wanna jump right in where they left off. I don't know what to do, should I just stop anwering his texts and have nothing more to do with him?

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Hey huni,


I would honestly say to watch yourself with him. If he's just out of a relationship it sounds as tho he may be on the rebound and having withdrawal symptoms from sex. The way he's acting is showing exactly that and you dont want to be the person who ends up satisfying his need and then get hurt at the end of it. I know of people who enjoy just having sex with a person but the other person has more respect and feelings that the lad. Just go to public places and if its clear that he doesnt want to bother with this and just get down to it, then get out of the situation before you start maybe developing feelings for him. You deserve so much more respect girl x

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should I give him a chance though and just not give him what he wants or should I tell him to get lost altogether? I don't know what to do, he talks about us like we're a couple but I've only known him a week. I don't know what to do, I'm sick of trying to explain that kissing is as far as I want to take it after one date!

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