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How can I make $6000 in the next 5 months?

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Alright so my plan for this fall was to attend college, but there is a chance that I might not be able to do that because I can't enough money in loans and savings to pay for housing for the fall semester. So now I am preparing just in case to stay in my hometown and work until I can raise enough money for college, and I need to raise at least $6000.


So I am wondering if there is any advice that you can give me to raise $6000 in the next 5 months?

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Sure, this may seem tongue in cheek...but really, the best way is to work for it. I know personally it's how I do it . Unless you have a wealthy relative just willing to jump in.


1) Brush up resume.


2) Go pound the pavement and hand in resume.


3) Do a stellar interview.


4) Get job and work hard.


5) Save money.


Or you can take all money and spend it all on lottery tickets and *hope* you win. Not a good strategy though, and more likely to have you broke, with lots of extra paper for recycling or confetti.

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It is possible to save $6,000 in five months if you can save and don't already have a lot of bills. I don't know what kind of area you live in, but the area I'm from is a big mining, oil, and gas area, so it's really easy for men to get good paying jobs, which would make it easy to save this kind of money in this amount of time. It's hard work, but well worth it for someone going back to school. It would be more difficult for a woman to save this kind of money where I'm from.

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If you aren't afraid of a bit of hard work, there's a lot of well-paying jobs rating a lot of hours that require no specialised skills. =)


I am unfamiliar with the georgraphy of America, but if California is near a farming area, you could try gaining employment there. A temporary farmhand over here in Aus makes around AU$600 a week, is trained on the job, and is supplied with somewhere to sleep. It's hard work - really hard, 16 hour a day, work - but you'll make money quickly.


Hope this helps =)

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I agree, it's well worth going to college, I didn't and wished I had.

Work hard, do whatever you can,

Make big sacrifces in the short term, for big time gain in the long run.

Break your back for 5 short months, and the rest of your life will be easier.

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I do want to get a job, but here there doesn't seem to be many opportunities for well paying jobs. A lot of the jobs here pay low wage around 8/hr starting and I don't want to work full-time because I might be taking a few classes at a city college.


Some of the jobs I've wanted here make me take those personality tests or whatever, and for some reason I haven't been successful with those even though I have experience in retail.

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I would suggest visiting your local J.C. or University website and check under "Job Opportunities." Most people think that if the look under Monster or Craigslist that they're guaranteed to find something decent. They may, but they never seem to look elsewhere. I work for the community college district, and make really decent money for a college student, well over $15/hr. I LOVE it! Or, you can work for a temp agency.


You can definitely earn $6,000 in six months. Be sure to not eat out so much (besides, the food is fatning/unhealthy anyway). Most of what I make now will go into my college funding anyway. But, I guess it's for a good cause!


Oh yeah, forgot: spiff up your resume, and create one that is unique for every job you apply. Work on your cover letters too! Devote one day of nothing but resume writing/cover letters. I did that and landed a job the next day! You need that "Can Do" attitude and you will DEFINITELY land a well-paying professional job.


Go to your local J.C. and request for a brochure on resume writing/samples. The resources are out there. You just gotta your butt out there and find them. Time to tackle those jobs! Good luck!

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I don't know about camps. Never considered it. I have seen postings on link removed about summer camps- "art, science, band.." okay fine..band camp is typical, but at least I know for sure, they do have some kind of summer program for band camp kids.


Out of state? I don't know.


Check with your local J.C. again. I applied for part-time, but am working almost basically full-time (temporary w/o medical benefits). Give it a shot! You don't know unless you try. That's what I did, and I get what I wanted. It's called self-motivation. Take care.

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Ok, I have to shove everyone aside for a moment because I did notice something. Saving money, in my humble opinion, is the least effective way to generate profit - especially for someone concerned for time, and needing a quanitity like 6 grand.


What other ways could you solve this problem? How many other ways could you possibly get money?


maybe there's somewhere else you could live? Why does it need to be 6 thousand - maybe you could find a way to cut it down?


Because if it doesn't work...if you can't find a job or you come up with...4300 and are still short...you're hooped. What's plan B? C? Plan J?

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I probably have some things I'd sell, but I'm not sure if there's a lot of those "some things" that people will pay good money for.


I mean alternative plans could be to go to a different school, but I've already decided what school I want to go to next fall.


I have a year to save up, and I believe I can easily save up more than $6000. I'm thinking about getting two jobs. I already have an opportunity to get my old job back at my school so I hope I'll be set with that.

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