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take my hand in the dark

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are you there?

i know your there

youve always been there

can you hear me

can you grab my hand in the dark

can you hold me

I can make you not afraid


now the past bled out

no more glowing memories

bloodstained the floor

but we survived

im sorry it had to be so tragic


its all over now

and im here

im here for you

you cannot see me

and cannot touch me"

but in your heart you know im there


am i good enough

am i good enough for you dear?

will you take me

will you take my hand in the dark?

will you be my only one?


yes i wrote this for someone, who'm im deeply in love with and would love it if she would accept me as her guy and be my girl. i am aware this sucks but raw emotion causes the brain to skip steps. leave your oppinions if you wish,



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If that person is not meant for you, then it's not meant to be! For sure there's someone really for you and for sure you deserve that person.. just continue to love like you've never been hurt before!


Nice poem!

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