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Never sure when she's girlfriend material...

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Hi! Well I've been single for a long while now and never had a "proper" girlfriend in my life... without sounding boastful I know I'm not unnatractive because I have girls approach me, some coming out asking to date me, others not so up front.


This summer I'm trying to meet as many nice young ladies as I can to maybe find one who is truly nice. I've just come back from a date with an absolutely stunning blonde half american girl - I felt amazing just to be with her and that she liked me, yet I never convince myself I want to take anyone any further - to be my girlfriend.


I had already arranged to meet another girl, but I confess I do like this one - I'm not comitted to anything yet, but how will I know when shes, or anyone else is the one to take further?


TIA all! Doc

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