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Daddy Bear

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swimmer lost against the currents

all-too-everyday occurrence

drowns for lack of self-assurance

dirty word indeed


this hand closes tight with rage

that hand flips to final page

cue the trap-door on the stage

shelter me from need



oh, that we were children in the arms of mothers dear

snuggled at the bosom of content

wiser, sadder, lonelier and older every year

this is not the way we thought it went

everybody's slowly getting bent



sound and color lose their pop

harvesting a bitter crop

start me up and make it stop

please don't let me bleed


just a speck of something new

sparkling with morning dew

i pick it up and find it's you

a precious tiny seed



falling to my knees and i am scratching in the dirt

i throw aside the weeds to make your bed

hoping for a poppy to arise and end the hurt

all i want, a single spot of red

blooming in the dust bowl of my head



come on, baby

come on, baby

come on, beauty

flower, come on

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OMG you legend.. as if you hadnt blossomed earlier.. how long have you been storing this talent?


you are just.. omg, i love it.

But really, i seriously enjoyed your poem. Your an inspiration for me at the minute (not for words, since experiences and perceptions differ.. just in genuine talent. its impressive)


maybe aspiration is a better word



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