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Other Relationships and Getting Back Together

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Hey all, for those of you familiar with my stories great. For those of you who arent, I have plenty and you can find most of them in this forum (meeting ex but uncertainty is abundant)


My question is how does other relationships that you and your ex have with other people affect getting back together?


I know that i'm gonna probably hear that when other relationships happen that the chances go down, that people would get attached to the new relationship and move on from that old one.


The reason I bring this up is because when me and my ex broke up she claimed she was in a relationship with someone else directly after. She never really made it clear that it was a relationship though, she would be vague and say she wasnt sure what it was on some days, and on others that it was a relationship. I dont really know what shes up to now since I've been in NC for 5 days now and we didnt talk about that sort of stuff.


I know she still looks at my myspace, I try to avoid hers, I have no idea if she is in a relationship or not, but for me, I think I'm about to get into another one, i've been seeing someone but we arent official and I think soon it very well could be official. The girl left a comment on my myspace about how she was on the phone with me and excited to see me wednesday. I know my ex will see this and I dont want her to hate me for it, she put me in this position im just doing what I have to do.


I still am not totally over my ex, but I really like this new girl also. My ex has become someone I cant even relate with anymore, shes completley changed. I miss her though everyday. When she asked me before if I was in a relationship with anyone else and I said that there was intresting people at work she said "oh, i hope something works out". But then told a mutual friend of ours that I must not of loved her, how could I be moving on so quickly. Then she barked at me for being hypocritcal for being mad at her for moving on yet she cheated on me and moved on.


I guess what I'm looking for here is why would she react that way? Why am I worried about her reaction now? I think part of it is because I still love her deep down, but I know I have to move on. Do you think if I moved on it would kill any chance down the road?

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breakups are tricky things, we dont realize it at the time but there so much out there we dont know until we have the heinsight to look back and learn from it. Theres so much that could be affecting her behavior right now and its normal to think about her, your a young guy so theres alot left to learn out there, all we can do is try to make the best decisions we can and let everything else fall in place

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