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If you're not into this, please skip it and don't be offended. My friend just brought me this passage from the Bible, and I am thinking it over. I've read it many many times, in the past, and I think it is part of my general philosophy of living and loving --- which may help some of you to better understand where I am coming from. I call myself a recovering Southern Baptist, as a joke, but it's largely true. I do go back to my faith to try to find a center from which to approach love and the choices I make.


"Love is long-suffering and kind. Love is not jealous, it does not brag, does not get puffed up, does not behave indecently, does not look for its own interests, does not become provoked. It does not keep account of the injury. It does not rejoice over unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things."


I don't want to overlook the parts about behaving indecently and about rejoicing with the truth. The truth is sometimes hard for me to accept.

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Thanks, Belladonna. I guess I'm about to get out of here for the day, so I won't have my computer at hand. I hope you and everybody else ---- including me --- find some peace this weekend in whatever we are doing. I have to decide quickly if I am going to Alabama to see my daughter or not or waiting until next weekend, when the ex says he might go with me. I think what I will do is go ahead and go home and start packing and cleaning up around the house and then just decide somewhere along the way if it feels right. I know I don't need to make decisions based on what P.(the ex) does, but on what I believe is the most loving thing to do, for myself, my daughter, and my ex. And that is the tricky part.

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Hang in there .....we've all been there and you've read it all. Now its time for you to go through it all ...alone....be strong we're here for you. If you must let it out, cry and allow yourself to feel things. I lost my father back 7 years ago...and that pain is still there, believe me it hurts. When my girl comes and goes...it hurts, i cry-breath, think of my dad and that pain puts things in perspective. The GREATEST HUMAN LIE is the worlwide notion that we're meant to be with one person...for ever. But nothing last forever, everything changes...people too...move on, come back later....ect


If someone told us that TRUTH when we were groing up, maybe we'd stop holding on so much, waiting and hoping for that day when we meet "that" special one to stay with us forever...ever...and ever. But while we wait for that day, many many many special things are coming and going out of our lives. Life is short and is meant to be shared with others. Not on "that special day", but maybe everyday for every day we have on this physical planet.


I cry...because no one told me that...nothing last forever. When we are born, we die someday, to be born again. Next time you meet someone(could be today) remember its not forever, only its for now. Enjoy all they have to offer and be better than yesterday.

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GreatGuy, I love your perspective. I too agree if we would have learned early on that we have the capacity to love more that "one" in our lifetime, whew, I would probably have moved on long ago and be ENJOYING the moment with another wonderful person! Damn,I am really going to think about this today. If helps to know it is okay for things to end, no matter how much we feel it may be wrong, it is really the cycle of life and if we look at it differently, it is actually exciting to think we may be even happier the next time


Curlygirl, I think your outlook and your spitual view is beautiful. We need to BELIEVE that during our time here we should be finding happiness, not the pain we ( at least I do) keep allowing to invade us...........let it go, let it go, in love.


Honestly waking up this morning to your post greatguy has given me a nice, start to my day....thanks for sharing. Curlygirl, have a wonderful Saturday, and I know you may not be around your computer until you are back at work, so here is sending you positive ))))))hugs((((((( and hoping your weekend was wonderful.

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Hey --- the weekend was great. I went home to Alabama, and while I was traveling the ex called twice, and then he wanted to see me last night. He said he had never meant to hurt me but he knew that he did, and that we needed to talk. However, we didn't do much talking; instead, we went out and drank and danced and sang and went home and made some love. So I guess we still need to talk. But for now I'm happy --- just the slightest bit anxious and hungover, but happy just the same. This morning he touched my face in the old way he used to.

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