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Ode to Psyche


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Ode to Psyche


A thousand smiles echo

A thousand graces.

The soul of an angel,

With a goddess's face.


Words impoverish thou

Beauty to describe,

Artists sigh at their

Works, and hide.


Your blessed path is

With flowers strewn,

Men and women pay

Homage and tribune.


Even the ground weeps

At the tender falls,

Of your gracious feet

Upon Earth's sprawls.


All mouths can speak

Nothing but praise,

Even the sun sings,

With it's morning rays.


Skin as soft-white as

Spring's blossoms,

Hair as radiant as

Summer's columns.


Tender hands betray

The youth within,

A hope and desire

No mortal can win.


Your butterfly wings

Carry you silent,

Through the noise

Of the world's lament.


Zephyrs lift you

With beauty's song,

Sing you of love's

Ecstasy and belong.


Yearning to feel

Love's truth deep,

Human lies have set

Burning tears a-seep.


A pure heart and soul

Tempered by pain;

Passion's roses, healed,

Bloom red once again.


Searching long and

Steadfast - adieu,

Waiting and hoping

For reunion anew...


Sleep no more in

Darkness's faze;

Awake, my love,

To Cupid's gaze...

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I can't imagine a women not falling for someone who would recite something like that to her. Your heart is as beautiful and pure as ever, shining through in another remarkable poem. The world needs people like you volution, don't lose the beautiful spirit you have.

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