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This sucks.....


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I have been trying to get this girl for about a month but I was too shy, so I got her msn. I talked to her on msn and we started to talk about who you like. She said some other guys and I said do you like me and all that she did was say, "sorry your a cool guy but I have my eye on someone else". Well about a month ago I totally swear she kept looking at me etc and she did this a few days ago. Well anyways I guess im just going to go into a deep depression now, this really sucks.

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I'm really sorry you're hurting so much. There's really nothing I can say to make it better- but at least you know now where you stand. You'll just have to go through the pain- hang in there, post here, we're here for you.


You WILL feel better, I promise you. Just allow yourself to feel how you feel right now. It's OK. You'll be OK.


Sending you a big hug- ((((ripdime))))


Try to get some sleep if you can. And take care of yourself. You're worth it!

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The funny part is that I was expecting myself to feel really sad today but I just feel normal. I think since for the last while my emptiness and woe just have desensitized me to anything sad, I dont really care anymore which is good in some ways bad in others. It seems as though now she wants to be my friend, but I guess thats probably because on MSN you lack inhibitions oh well might as well be her friend and thanks for the advice.

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