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bf abroad in australia

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Okay, so my boyfriend traveled to Australia for a month to study abroad. We have a really good thing going. He's the most open guy I know, he doesn't have a problems expressing feelings or anything. He called me when he landed in L.A. right before he got on the plane to Australia and when our conversation ended, he said, I'll message you when I get there. He has been there for 5 days and I have not heard anything. I know he's alive because other people in my school went on this trip have been contacting people that I know via phone and email. So I know he's had the opportunity to contact me. I don't want to be upset because I know what it is like to go abroad and be really busy and excited to be in another country, but why hasn't he taken any time to contact me? I know it's expensive to call, and I don't even expect a call, but it only takes 5 minutes to drop an email. Tell me am I out of line in being a little upset?

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How long have you guys been together? I went to Europe to study for 4 months while leaving my bf of 2 years at home. When I first got there I was just so excited to be there I didn't have the time to think about anything else. All I wanted to do was go go go. Maybe these other people who are contacting home are home sick. A couple people I went with were constantly on the phone with people from home but I didnt have the time! I wanted to see as much as I could because I didnt know if I would ever get back there again.


It would be considerate to contact you, I agree. I would send him a quick email (cute and funny) and see how he responds. I wouldnt react to anything yet.

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we haven't been together THAT long, but before he left he was all, "oh my gosh! I dont know what im going to do, I'm going to miss you so much, how am I going to go this long without seeing you." So I guess it just kind of makes me feel like he didn't mean that. I think I am just extra emotional b/c of the time of the month (haha I love being a girl!), but I'm not too sure. I think what just upsets me most is that he said he would let me know when he got there and he hasn't. If he didn't have full intentions on calling me to let me know he arrived safely, then he shouldn't have said it...right?

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Depends where he went in Australia - if he's gone to the middle of nowhere (like Broome or Darwin or the Alice) there may not be an internet cafe on every street corner...


At the same time (and depending on what he had to get done when he got there) maybe he's just super busy. Bare in mind that most guys are a little absent minded when it comes to other people - maybe he's just a little distracted by things and will contact you when it dawns on him that you might be worrying about him (never underestimate the male capacity for self-involvement and emotional ignorance)

"Huh? You wanted me to call you straight away?"

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haha thanks! it's just that he told me he would let me know when he got there. and through other people in the group he went with i know he got there, but i still didn't hear it from him. i think thats what upset me the most, is that he said he would call when he got there...that was 7 days ago....blahh i guess i understand. im just bummed.

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well if the people he is with in australia got to call around where you are, he better have good reasons!!!


its been a week and still no call?? try not to think about it. Go out with your friends, keep busy.


but when or if he does call, i hope he got picked up by a freakshow circus and had to do some crazy acts in which he was preparing for intensively locked up without any help and that is why he couldnt call you for so long.

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he wrote me 3 long letters. i guess only a couple people got connection with their computers and his wasn't working so i guess he just didn't een bother? but anyway, he warned me this time that he probably wouldnt be able to talk to me for a while so i wasn't worried this time around. the email was full of i miss you's, i can't wait to see you's, and you are amazing's and wonderful's. He also told me he couldn't stop thinking about me. AAhhhh, I feel so much better! Thank you for all of your help!

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