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What to eat before workout

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Hey there guys ..


I go to the gym early in the morning usually before I leave I just drink coffee but lately Ive been getting nauseous and very tired . I was wondering what should I eat or drink ..


And again sometimes I go to work out just before lunch , which would be better to eat after or before the workout and what should I eat


Btw Im trying to lose a few pounds



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Eat lunch/breakfast before working out.

Just have what you normally eat for lunch/breakfast, which should be healthy if you are wanting to lose weight.


If you don't normally eat anything in the morning - you should consider eating breakfast.

Even if it's just a banana.

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Well some fuel in your stomach will actually help you lose weight. Right now, not eating for so long between supper and the next day causes your body to start reserving calories for fat and your metabolism slows...you need to "break the fast" (hence breakfast) to keep your metabolism up. Plus, fuel lets you have a more effective (thereforeeee more calorie burning and muscle building) workout. I would eat a banana (good for nausea) and a TBSP of peanut butter with your coffee (black coffee 30 minutes before a workout has been shown to improve endurance, so you can keep it as long as its in moderation), or a small bagel with a bit of yogurt on the side, or some oatmeal with some honey stirred in.


Also make sure to get lots of water (especially drinking coffee since it's dehyrdrating) as you need to rehydrate your muscles/brain after that many hours of sleeping without fluids.


For lunch workouts, that would depend. If you had a decent brekkie, and are going to lift weights, or for a 30 minute run or something, you should be fine without anything before, just make sure to eat a decent lunch afterwards, or drink a whey protein shake.


Just make sure your calorie count over the WHOLE day is within line of your requirements, and having a snack before/after a workout will not impede your weight loss goals.

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You should eat before and after your workout! Both are very important to maximize the results from the gym.


Depending on your training program, pre workout meals can range from a slice of toast with PB on it, to a bowl of oatmeal to eggs, chicken, bacon full meal deal. The main goal is to give your body the fuel it needs to perform the excercises, without overloading it and negating the effects of working out.


Post workout meals also can very this same way. The goal with a post workout meal is to replenish the nutrients lost during the workout, and provide your body with fuel to keep that metabolism high. I usually go with a whey protein drink, but I mostly focus on weight lifting.


I'm not fitness expert though, so take this with a grain of salt.

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try to eat something containing sugars and starches. pancakes and hash browns would be an ideal meal in the morning {even the ones at McDonalds}or a bowl of cereal. This would provide you with enough food to burn for energy.


Weather your trying to build muscle or loosing weight you should eat something before you work out. sense your trying to loose weight I am assuming your doing tread mill, stationary bike, or something of that sort. In that case you will need something with carbs {yes carbs}, sugars, and starches, and not so much protien. So breads, and such are what your after.


Also don't neglect water, that is very important, try to drink a couple glasses a day. as for lunch try to eat something like a sandwhich with a piece of fruit, kinda light and easy to eat. I would imagine bannana would work well for fruit.


Hope this helps =}

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The best thing in the world for you, before a nice workout, would be a big bowl of brown rice. I understand it's a tall task to make that early in the morning, but it is the best pre-workout food. After you workout, as soon as reasonably possible, stuff some high protein/low carb foods down your throat. You'll feel better and see better results quicker. Hope this helps!

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