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Will it hurt her? :(


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Alright, im just wondering something.


My girlfriend and I are both virgins, I am 16, and she is 15.. and she told me she was thinking of having sex, and I'm just wondering if it will hurt her when we do.


I am 7 inches, and she isn't too petite, she's probably 5'9, smaller frame though. I don't know if she's ever masterbated or anything like that, and we'll be wearing protection.


What's the best way for our first time, so it doesn't hurt her too much?

Or will it hurt at all? Thanks.

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i recommend sum KY jelly, it'll slide in better.. also sum lubricated condums, and get the trojan ones with the spermicidal stuff, it'l reduce ur chances of her geting pregnant, otherwise, have fun. I know my girl hurts, only cas i'm cramming almost 9 inches in her.. but it's all good.. just lube up and stick it in, you'll be alright..

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Yeah, it's called vaginismus, and if a girl is really nervous before coitus she can close right up. The other poster is correct, ease into the act itself and make sure she is relaxed and ready before you try intercourse. Lots of foreplay, maybe a good, long back massage, and I would recommend you finger her a bit before bringing out the big gun. Make sure she's lubricated a bit, and make be gentle. Go slow.

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I recommend you use some lubricant, also take it slowly and be gentle. Unfortunately it will hurt her, this memory will soon fade though. It might be uncomfortable for her for the first few times (I have just realised how old I am, and it was so long ago. Try hard to remember).


Try to get her as sexually aroused as possible with foreplay, romantic setting etc... relaxation and sexual excitment plays a big part.


Good luck.

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