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GUy in my class...how do i approach him?


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First, I am an extremely shy girl in front of guys i am attracted to. Me and this guy Mike are in the same class and i'll catch him looking and me and we'll make eye contact...well last week we made eye contact when the class was over and he smiled. Last thursday i ran into him while walkikng to my car, he smiles and says hey whats up. the only thing i did was smile and say hi and kept on walking! just bc im shy! today in class i sat closer to him and he turns my direction and says the same thing. So did i blow my chance? or shoudl i just sit next to him on wednesday? I might see him walking again tomorrow to my car...so whats your advice? thanks!

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No need to sit right next to him, that will tell him for sure that you are into him..more often than not guys like the chase and if the thrill of the chase is taken away somehow its not the same...so dont do anything out of your regular ways, act how u always do in class but if he comes up and talks to you then talk!, if he says hi then say hi and stand your ground(so that he knows you wanna talk unless its one of those fleeting hi's in the corridor or something)...good luck! hope this helps!

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All you should need to do is let him know you are open to talking with him. Next time he greets you, then have a question to ask him. Ask him something about the class, and see what he does. He wants to talk and so do you, begin a conversation. That's all it is, talking.

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In the case of being shy, one thing I learned in my life is, better to say something irrelevant for communication than say nothing at all.


Meaning, if you see him, and want to talk if you don't want to talk about class, be creative. Class topic is a standard "Hey you, I want to be social." hint so it works pretty good, but theres only so much you can say, this is where creativity comes up or lead off on a topic he brings up on the class conversation.


Just make sure the next opportunity you talk to him, or else he'll take his own hint that you might not be so interested in him despite the eye contact. Some guys will decide not to pursue any further if there is nothing more in the way of conversation.

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