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I need help with getting over my Ex

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Me and my ex have been dateing and living together for about 2 years now. We were happy inlove and boy did I truly love him. but we had our share of problems like everyone esle does in there relationship. I meet his parents and his family I truly enjoyed that. I went on vacation to visit my family back in Oklahoma that I havnt seen for bout 2 -3 years. It was an exciting time for me. So my ex droped me off at the airport and his last words to me was that he loved me and have fun. Well I was going to be gone for about 2 weeks and with in the 2weeks of me being gone he was going threw my dirty laundry , my phone log and he was hanging out with this girl that was a co worker of his. So he told me about it and that he thinks that I was cheating on him. Well i wasnt cheating on him but what he found out was a phone number of one of my best friends that knows about me and him. So I told him that we will talk about this when I get home. well the week went on we talked but no expectations of what what i was to find out when I got home that saturday night. Before I left the airport to depart back home I had called him and told him to dont forget to pick me up tonight . He said ok I will I love you. Well I got home and called him to pick me up . I left 4 messages on his cell . so I took the cab and got to the house to find out that he had moved out. He took alot of my things . He took my Car. , he even took the rent money. I had a eviction notice on the door before I had left I had left him the the rent money . but to find out that he didnt pay it. I was so devistated and Hurt . and still to this day I am hurt and I still love him and Miss him and I dont know how to feel. I had asked for my money back and he wont give it back. and I cant believe that I still love him and I cant even except that fact that its over. if anyone could help me or give me some advice I would greatly apprecieate it .

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First off: If you haven't already, call the police and report him for stealing your valuable things! Second: Still loving him is normal. Love is not rational. So don't beat yourself up. It will take time for those feelings to go away and they may never subside completely. What your dealing with is clearly a really messed up situation...talk to your friends and family and lean on them for support if possible. Good luck with everything.

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